How does the Sensor activate my lights?

To activate the light, you simply move your hand in front of the sensor within a 5 cm detection range.

Do I have to touch the mirror to activate the motion sensor?

No, for convenience and with hygiene in mind we have developed all our LED and Illuminated mirrors to incorporate sensor activation. However, we do have a small number of mirrors which have touch sensors in order to activate the lights.

Where is the Sensor located?

Depending on the mirror design the sensor switch is either located behind the front glass panel or on the bottom underneath the mirror.

The sensor switch is located on the side of my mirror/cabinet - can I mount this near a wall?

We advise a space of at least 15cm between the sensor switch and an adjacent wall/object, to prevent any interference and allow the sensor to work to its full ability.

Can I mount a shelf underneath the sensor switch?

You can place a shelf underneath although to ensure the sensor functions correctly this should be no nearer than 30cm.