Where is the shaver socket located?

Usually our Shaver Sockets are located on our mirrors on the left hand side in the centre of the back box and on the inside of our cabinets. Please refer to the product specification for exact location.

Is my shaver socket activated all the time?

No, the shaver socket is only activated once a shaver or an electric toothbrush is plugged in.

Do I have to have the lights on for the shaver to work?

No, the Shaver Socket is an independent feature allowing you to charge your shaver in the socket overnight without the need to have the lights constantly active.

Can I charge an electric toothbrush?

Yes, our dual voltage shaver sockets are compatible with most standard electric toothbrush chargers.

Does the shaver socket have an isolating transformer?

All our shaver sockets have isolating transformers that isolate the supply from the mains and conform to British Standard BS3535, making our illuminated mirrors safe and ideal for bathroom use.