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    There is no combination as good as black and white. If in doubt, go monochrome!

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    Sandstone surfaces combined with a wooden finish contribute to this bathroom’s tribal vibes.

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    Adding a touch of greenery and using natural lighting can immediately transform your bathroom.

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    Here's a great example of how stripes can really help to make a small bathroom feel spacious.

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    We are in love with the subtle way storage has been designed in this small bathroom.

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    Bright colours aren't to everyone's taste but this shade of green creates a fresh look in this modern bathroom.

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    Love this idea for a family bathroom. Personal yet practical, this bathroom is suited to the whole family.

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    This oriental, Japanese fusion is successful in creating a bathroom with a calm and tranquil feel.

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    The use of white suites with gold finishing makes this bathroom fit for a Queen!

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    This bathroom creates a very contemporary space using twists on classic furnishings.

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