Demister Mirror Cabinets

Not only is steam highly inconvenient, it can be very damaging to your bathroom. However, thanks to Pebble Grey, a steamed-over mirror is a thing of the past as our demister cabinets will have your glass clear in no time. In addition to this convenient feature, our heated cabinets are also beautifully illuminated to add a touch of luxury to your space.
Demister Mirror Cabinets
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Demister Bathroom Cabinets

Our demister mirrored cabinets not only offer extra storage space, they are heated with demister pads to prevent condensation from steaming up the glass to ensure you will always be able to see clearly. Often called an anti-fog mirror cabinet, these are really handy when you have a steamy bathroom.

Mirrored Demister Cabinets are the perfect solution for anyone who has a post-shower bathroom routine who struggle with trying to clear a steamed-up mirror. Using heated demister pads the bathroom steam is cleared away in an effective manner making sure you can always use your mirror.