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LED Infinity Mirrors

At the height of innovative design, we have the Pebble Grey infinity mirrors, so stunning that you won't be able to look away. For those searching for the ultimate bathroom feature piece, this is the mirror for you! With a deep reflection that seemingly goes on forever, this breathtaking mirror will look amazing in any bathroom.
LED Infinity Mirrors
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LED Infinity Mirrors

If you are looking to add a beautiful eye-catching feature to your bathroom then an infinity mirror is the perfect choice. Infinity mirrors create the illusion of a never-ending image and are a stunning addition to our range of illuminated bathroom mirrors.

Available with free next day delivery on certain items we have a range of frameless infinity mirrors, mirrors with colour changing features and also infra-red sensors to activate the mirror lights.

Our colour changing infinity mirrors have 7 vibrant colours that you change by remote control with colours including blue, cyan, green, magenta, red, white and yellow.