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How to light a bathroom without a window

A lack of natural lighting in a room can make it feel a little cramped and prevent the room feeling inviting as a place to relax. Many bathrooms, particularly those in flats often don’t have a window giving access to natural light. We explain some of the ways you can keep your bathroom inviting without a window.

Colour schemes 

Dark colours will absorb whatever light you are able to provide in a windowless bathroom. To remedy that, consider ensuring that your bathroom follows a softer colour scheme, limiting some flashes of bolder colour to small decorative touches, such as accessories and soft furnishings. White and other pale colours will reflect more light, making it the best choice for tiles, toilet, sink etc. Using more white or lighter colours helps create the illusion of space, making the room feel bigger.


Unfortunately, windowless bathrooms can tend to be smaller than those with windows, but mirrors are one of the simplest ways to counteract this and help make a room feel bigger than it actually is. With the illusion of added space also comes more surfaces to reflect light; a mirror will seem to double the light provided by any one source, while making the room appear larger and more open.

Space-saving furniture 

To help make your bathroom feel as spacious as possible and provide more open space for light to fill, some smart furniture choices can be a simple solution. For example, consider a wall hung vanity unit that doubles as a sink and storage space, such as this Antonio gloss white vanity unit and basin. 

To create more areas that capture light, you could opt for transparent décor to add even more room for light to travel; replacing a shower curtain for a clear glass panel is a great way to easily open up some space.

Illuminated furniture 

No natural lighting could make delicate tasks such as shaving or applying makeup a little more difficult. Consider installing an illuminated mirror to provide some face-height lighting and make such things simpler.

Not having a window in your bathroom doesn’t mean that the room should be cramped and dark. These ideas can point you in the right direction when making the most of your bathroom. To get started on décor choices, check out our selection of bathroom furniture. 

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