Posted on September 22, 2017 by the Pebble Grey Team

6 Home Spa Tips

With the everyday stresses of modern life constantly closing in on us, a relaxing spa day is a real treat. However, it is not a treat on the wallet, and these indulgences can often end up being shockingly pricey.

This is why we have conveniently collated a series of tips, just for you, on how to achieve that much-needed spa experience from the comfort of your own home and without breaking the bank.

01. Foot Scrub
After spending all day on your feet, they deserve a good scrub to bring them back to life. There are many recipes that you can find online to create your own soaking mixture, but our favourite is this one from The A and B Stories.

They use simple ingredients that most people already have in the back of their cupboards (often from past impulsive baking ventures!): 1 tablespoon each of brown sugar, baking soda and olive oil. Mix all of these together and scrub all over your feet until they love you again!

02. Milk Bath
You may think that spas are a modern concept, striking images of hot tubs, ambient lights and that one soothing CD that they all seem to share. However, the roots of this experience have been traced back to ancient Egypt, when Queen Cleopatra would frequently partake.

Cleopatra’s favourite treatment was the milk bath, which is easy to replicate from home. Simply combine 2 cups of milk with ½ a cup of honey (which is great for reducing acne), and add to your bath once the honey has dissolved.

This moisturising indulgence will keep your skin looking soft and youthful, just like the infamous and heart-breaking Queen herself.

03. Sauna
Unless you’re lucky enough to have your own sauna, your own bathroom may feel a little lacklustre if you’re craving the relaxing effects of a sauna. You can, however, imitate this experience by leaving your shower on the maximum temperature for 20 minutes, and then soaking a washcloth with a couple of drops of your favourite oil, such as lavender or coconut. Place this cloth over your face as you walk into the shower for the ultimate sauna experience, allowing you to breathe in the pleasantly scented steam.

04. Ambience
You can have all the oils, creams and scrubs you like, but if the ambience in your bathroom is wrong you’re still going to struggle to completely relax.

Create the perfect atmosphere by lighting several candles (preferably scented), and turning off all lights so that the room is illuminated only by flame. Your space will become so calming, you may struggle to stay awake as the stresses of the day leave your body.
05. Warm Lotion
To add a touch of luxury to an everyday procedure, try warming up your lotion before use. This will make the experience feel positively blissful, and will be a godsend as the months grow colder and the toasty liquid gently kisses your skin.

To achieve this, simply leave your bottle or jar on top of the radiator as you shower, and it will be warmed and ready for you when you get out.


06. Bath Bombs
Bath bombs are a great way to feel like you’re being pampered in your own home. Not only do they look amazing with their amazing colours that transform your water, they also come with innumerable benefits for your skin, from treating acne to leaving a soft and supple feel.

Make sure to take a look at our guide to making your own bath bombs to experience this for yourself.

At Pebble Grey we have a range of products that will help to create a spa-like aesthetic for your space. Luxurious items such as waterfall taps, illuminated mirrors and freestanding baths will transport you to a high-end resort, making you forget that you never left your own home.

After all, why would you?

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