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Ways to restyle your bathroom

Your bathroom will probably play a big part in your daily routine, fitting in with your routine in the morning and before you go to bed at night.

The problem with a routine is it can get a bit dull. So it can be fun to mix things up a little, change your surroundings, and make things a little bit different.

This is where restyling your bathroom can help.


Changing your surroundings can just be a case of moving around some of the furniture in your bathroom, like drawers, baskets and storage. Reorganising this can be the subtle and inexpensive change you need to refresh and restyle your bathroom.

It doesn’t just need to be a case of moving furniture. Taking the time to take stock and declutter can provide enough space to change how your bathroom looks, or remind you why you liked the room so much in the first place.


If your need to change goes further than that, you can overhaul your bathroom in a more extreme way. Redecorating doesn’t need to be extensive, but changing a colour scheme, or moving fixtures and fittings, can take time and require outside professional help.

You might want to change the position of the bath, for example, or replace a square shower cubicle with a more rounded corner unit. Making a major change to a room like this can go some way in helping to refresh and revitalise it.

New accessories 

Between simply reorganising a bathroom and renovating it, you have the opportunity to refresh the room by changing the accessories you use.

This can be an easy change, like buying towels in a different colour, or involve more in-depth restyling, like changing all the furniture in your bathroom. You can also consider adding items like a different size or style of mirror.

Moving from standing storage to wall-mounted units, for example, can change how you interact with your bathroom and change how the room looks.

A different mirror can also refresh the look of your bathroom and make the room feel brighter, larger and more airy.

Any change, no matter how subtle, can make an impactful difference to a room, changing how it looks and how it’s used.

To find out more about how a subtle change can make a huge impact on a room, take a look at our blog post about how to revitalise a bathroom. Or to see what a difference changing up the storage in your bathroom can make, take a look at our range of wall-hung vanity units.

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