Bathroom Ideas

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    Bathroom Trends for 2019

    Keeping an eye on the latest trends can be overwhelming, especially when you're trying not to break the bank. Which is why we are going to tell you four of our biggest bathroom trends for 2019 in the hope to inspire you to transform your bathroom into one of your favourite rooms in the house! ...
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    How to create a perfect family bathroom

    When sharing between three or more people, a family bathroom needs to be practical, flexible and robust. Creating a space that ticks all of these boxes and yet still looks stylish and orderly is another challenge in itself. Here at Pebble Grey, we are happy to guide you through how to crea...
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    Smart Storage Ideas: Practical and Stylish Bathroom Storage

    The smaller the space in the bathroom, the more important it is to use storage as a practical and stylish solution to help maximise the space available and to create a more convenient access for bathroom essentials. Clear the bathroom and identify the available space suitable for new storage. Whe...
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    Interior Illusions: Making a Bathroom Look Bigger

    Creating natural light, installing smart furniture solutions and owning a well thought out colour scheme are some of the key aspects to help maximise the space you have available and to give the illusion your bathroom is much bigger. Natural light accentuates what the room already has to offer. H...
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    Best bathroom gadgets

    There are all sorts of bathroom gadgets on the market, covering a wide variety of roles and functions. From radios to cleaning to tools, this wide range means that there’s always at least one gadget that will be perfect for whatever task you have in mind. To give you an idea of some of the ...
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    En-suite bathroom ideas for your home

    When sensibly fitted, designed and styled, an en-suite bathroom can be the envy of many households. The convenience of having a toilet and shower adjoining your bedroom can add some luxury and a spot of class to your home. So how can you make the most out of your en-suite, so the room is set out ...
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    Creating a spring themed bathroom

    Few rooms in the home can be transformed as quickly as a bathroom. With a few simple tweaks and additions, you can turn your bathroom from a clinical space into a wonderful seasonally themed room. We explain how to make your bathroom look like spring has sprung. Splashes of colour Bathrooms...
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  8. What is a vanity unit?

    What is a vanity unit?  Many people may be completely unaware of what exactly a vanity unit is, but that doesn’t mean the answer is all that complicated. To give you some insight, we explain what a vanity unit is, its uses and how to find the right one for your bathroom. What is a v...
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    Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

    Getting your bathroom storage right can transform your bathroom from a cluttered, purely functional space to one that’s multifunctional. This can allow you to relax and unwind in a mess-free environment. Bathroom storage often boils down to a range of cabinets and drawers. However, there ar...
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