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How Champneys Can Rejuvenate Your Skin (Competition)

As the days grow colder and darker, it seems that every part of us is being targeted by the weather. Our hair is windswept and knotty, our throats are sore and, most of all, our skin is dry and cracked.

What we really need is a spa break.

Our favourite retreat, Champneys, offer a plenitude of treatments and products that will bring our skin back to life and give it the strength to face the rest of the season.


Tired Toes
Once summer ended we had to stuff our feet back into woolly socks and slippers to hibernate until the warm season returns. However, the poor things are becoming neglected and could do with some TLC.

Champneys offer a range of treatments that focus on revitalising feet, but we think the callus peel is their best. Even the hardiest of feet will emerge soft and refreshed after this treatment, which involves using their peeling recipe on hard skin.

If your feet want to stay planted firmly on home ground, Champneys can bring the luxury to you with their Barefoot Beauty range. Incorporating a scrub, heel balm and foot butter, this range uses refreshing ingredients such as peppermint, spearmint and grapefruit to wake up your tired toes.

Heavenly Hydration
The cold weather has really done a number on our skin, and we’re already suffering with cracking and dry patches. This is due to the lack of humidity in the air, and we are left with dull skin on the best of days.

The body wrap treatments at Champneys are guaranteed to bring your skin back to life as they wrap your body in layers of hydrating body butter or aromatherapy oil. For an extra touch of luxury, you can also get a cocoa wrap, or have a scalp and foot massage as part of the Spa Heaven Cocoon treatment.

Champneys also offer a wide range of moisturisers that contain natural and fragrant ingredients. Our favourite is the Citrus Blush range, particularly the Enlivening Body Butter, which all contain refreshing citrus scents such as lemon and orange.


Embrace the Exfoliation
Another way to tackle dry skin is through exfoliation. If done right, this process can be beyond relaxing, and Champneys have found the perfect balance between experience and results.

A Full Body Exfoliation treatment is offered by Champneys to truly rid yourself of all dead skin, as well as boosting your circulation. This process can also be combined with a full body massage to create the Body Radiance treatment.

Exfoliation can also happen in your own bathroom with Champneys’ range of scrubs. All come with their own unique scent, such as Summer Dream’s tropical blend of peach, mango and passion fruit.


Magnificent Massages
Massages are often associated with muscles, but they can also do wonders for your skin. The natural ingredients and rubbing techniques come together to truly give your skin something to sing about.

The natural properties found in bamboo canes mean that your circulation and lymphatic flow are improved when used within a massage, resulting in silky smooth skin. Similar results can be achieved from Champneys’ Poultice Massage, which uses warm coconut as part of a rhythmic massage.

The Refine and Firm Massage is a particular miracle worker, using oil to tackle your individual problem areas, whether that be cellulite, loose skin or excess weight.

Tantalising Tan
Our sun kissed skin is now but a mere memory, being replaced by a somewhat paler hue. Unless you can afford to book a winter break to somewhere warm (take us with you?), you’re going to have to turn to more creative ways to get brown now that the sun has gone for good.

Champneys use the leading spray tan brand St Tropez in all of their tanning treatments to make sure you are getting the best of the best in terms of product. If being transformed into a golden goddess isn’t enough, Champneys also offer an express service that conveniently dries faster than usual.

Alternatively, you can get an even faster tan with one of their high powered sun towers that will have your skin glowing in as little as 3 minutes.


Face Up to Firm Skin
Your face is what everyone looks at, no matter how much it’s wrapped up behind a cosy scarf, so you always want it looking its best. Champneys facial treatments are excellent for firming your skin and providing a natural shine, even when the rest of your surroundings may be rather dull.

For the ultimate luxurious experience, Champneys offer a facial that involves covering your face in gold (yes, gold!), which is naturally illuminating, transferring this property to your skin.

For a more targeted treatment, the Dynamic Resurfacing Peel gently removes older skin, leaving a youthful surface behind.

At the height of beauty technology, the Biotec facial combines light therapy, micro-currents and ultra-sonic peels that result in radiant skin. Trust us, the name is scarier than it sounds and the process is actually very relaxing!


Made for Men
Spa treatments are often associated with women, but there are many treatments available for men at Champneys which also focus on skin rejuvenation.

Unbeknownst to many men, shaving can actually cause a lot of damage to the skin, making it look tired and lifeless. A Skin Energise facial at Champneys is the perfect way to counteract this damage, or try a Carita Cinetic facial that involves the use of micro-currents and ultrasound to bring a youthful appearance back to skin.

Champneys also offer a Go The Extra Mile range that incorporates products to help future shaving endeavours to be as damage-free as possible.

At Pebble Grey, we love Champneys so much that we want to share the joy! We are offering one lucky entrant a £100 voucher to be spent on a break or products with Champneys. Please see below for further details on how to enter via Gleam.

Champneys Voucher Giveaway

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