Posted on January 09, 2019 by the Pebble Grey Team

How to create a perfect family bathroom

When sharing between three or more people, a family bathroom needs to be practical, flexible and robust. Creating a space that ticks all of these boxes and yet still looks stylish and orderly is another challenge in itself. Here at Pebble Grey, we are happy to guide you through how to create the perfect bathroom space to suit everyone in the family.

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Arguably one of the most important considerations when creating a bathroom the whole family can enjoy, is storage. From children’s bath toys to beauty products and toiletries, every family member will have their own bathroom baggage. Bathroom cabinets have all the storage you need and also double as the sacred bathroom mirror that everyone requires at some point during the day. Our exquisite range of bathroom cabinets has been designed with exactly this in mind, keeping your bathroom clutter-free and looking as pristine as possible.

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You want to make sure that the design of your bathroom reflects everyone in the family. Adding a splash of colour or decorating a feature wall will create the perfect balance between child-friendly and sophisticated style.

You could also choose a theme for your bathroom that the whole family will love. Beach themed bathrooms are very on trend with families, you might even find yourself placing the odd rubber duck on the corner of your bathtub. If you’re looking for something much calmer and neutral, we would recommend using soft colours and patterns, including grey, beige and cream.

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It’s really important that you make your own mark in your family bathroom. It’s the personal touches that will bring your space to life. Add some paintings, family photos or pictures the kids have drawn to add a bit of personality. Just remember to treat your bathroom like any other room in your home, there’s no need to keep it bland and boring.

If you have much younger children, you could make your bathroom a lively and fun place by adding wall stickers or interactive features to encourage them to do something specific, such as brushing their teeth. If your family own pets, you could add novelty decorations and touches that resemble your family friend.

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You might want to take little safety measures if you have younger children. This could include something as simple as soft-close hinges on furniture and toilet seats in order to avoid trapped fingers and tears. Ensure any cleaning products and toiletries are stored away and out of reach from little hands will also make all the difference.

There are plenty of ways you can create the perfect family bathroom and ideas to develop your current bathroom into a safe and stylish space suitable for the whole family. For further inspiration, check out our Pinterest page where we are constantly finding and sharing images to inspire you on the way!

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