Posted on April 28, 2017 by the Pebble Grey Team

Creating a spring themed bathroom

Few rooms in the home can be transformed as quickly as a bathroom. With a few simple tweaks and additions, you can turn your bathroom from a clinical space into a wonderful seasonally themed room.

We explain how to make your bathroom look like spring has sprung.

Splashes of colour

Bathrooms are often just one stark colour, usually matching to a bathroom suite or, at least, a similar or complementary shade to it.

Using bright splashes of spring colours, instead, like floral shades and pastel colours, can make the room feel very much in touch with the season. This could come from several areas, like a bath mat, towels, and even the colour of soap you have in the bathroom. Introducing spring colours, gradually, can help you to brighten up your bathroom. Using accessories like this, which can be removed from the bathroom and replaced with other colours, allows you to style your bathroom for other times of year. It also means you can create a bathroom with a variety of subtle seasonal styles.

Bring the outdoors indoor

Aside from the colour choices, the best way to make your bathroom feel seasonal is to add a bit of nature to the room.

A plant on the windowsill, or even fake flowers, can help change the look of a bathroom. Think of specific spring blooms, like daffodils or tulips, to help bring some of the outdoors into your bathroom.

This, again, can become a colourful addition to a bathroom that reflects the choice of season. You could place flowers on a windowsill, on a toilet cistern, or even arrange them around the edge of a wall-mounted cabinet or mirror to create a seasonal frame.

Maximising light

When spring arrives, the days start to get longer and brighter. You can reflect that in your bathroom by maximising the lighting you have available.

This could mean positioning your bathroom mirror, so it reflects as much natural light as possible back into your bathroom. Or you could consider using a plinth or additional LED lighting to help accentuate features within your bathroom, while also making the room seem brighter.

Using additional light, coupled with splashes of bright colour, can help shake off those winter blues and leave you with a bright, refreshing look to your bathroom.

At Pebble Grey we provide a wide range of bathroom mirrors which can help you to create that fresh spring look. This includes illuminated mirrors that can help add that extra burst of light to your room. To find out more, visit our illuminated mirrors page and see how you can refresh and revitalise your bathroom this spring.

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