Posted on December 04, 2017 by the Pebble Grey Team

Enclosure Buying Guide

Shower enclosures are arguably one of the most luxurious additions that you can choose for your bathroom. Not only do they make a statement in any space, but they provide an unparalleled showering experience that will make you never want to turn the water off!

Enclosures can be easy to piece together once you’ve chosen your parts, and once you have a final product all the work will be more than worth it! Start off my measuring your bathroom and evaluating how much spare space it contains. Then have a good browse through the Pebble Grey website, keeping your measurements and the following advice in mind.


01. Shape

Picking the right shape for your enclosure usually starts with the tray. This is your foundation and starting point for literally building your shower from the ground up. Here are the different tray and enclosure shapes we sell at Pebble Grey.

Quadrant – If you don’t know what shape a quadrant is, imagine a quarter slice of cake. Got it? Great! This shape is great for corner shower enclosures, making them the ultimate space savers.

Offset Quadrant – Like the previous shape, offset quadrants are like a quarter circle but with one slightly longer side.

Rectangular – Our most popular shape! Rectangular enclosures give you plenty of room for an amazing shower. Just make sure your bathroom is big enough!

Square – We have plenty of square shower trays at Pebble Grey for you to create a classically shaped enclosure.

D-Shaped – D-shaped trays make for a contemporary and interesting choice for your shower enclosure.

Shower Trays

02. Doors

Once the first and most important step has been taken in creating your enclosure, it is time to finish of the piece with doors. We have a range of different styles of doors at Pebble Grey, all serving different wants and needs. We have compiled a list of these below.

Pivot – Like your traditionally hinged doors, pivot shower doors swing outwards from the edge.

Bi-Fold – These types of doors fold in the middle, allowing the door to open into the shower. This makes them perfect for smaller bathrooms that may not have enough space to allow the door to open outwards.

Slider – Also great for saving space, slider doors slide across the screen rather than outwards to let you in to your enclosure.

Walk-In/Wet Room – Not technically doors, walk-in showers actually have stationary screens with a permanent opening, making entering and exiting your enclosure as simple as just stepping through.

Shower Cubicle

03. All-In-One

Hold up! Before you click away we do have one more option! For those looking to avoid the faff of putting together separate parts to create their enclosure, shower cabins are the perfect all-in-one option, and the stylish range at Pebble Grey often comes with luxurious bonus features such as our spa-worthy body jets.


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