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The Great Bathroom Debates

Whilst the bathroom should always be a source of peace, tranquility and calm, we have sadly found that the quiet is often disturbed by a series of passionate disagreements. Rather than being able to simply relax in the bath, your mind is being plagued by worries that a shower may be better, and the toilet roll controversy is enough to cause an all-out war.

As we like to promote a relaxed lifestyle here at Pebble Grey, we have compiled the main points behind each argument so that these issues can be solved once for all and we can return our focus to simply enjoying our beautiful bathrooms.


Toilet Roll: Under or Over?

With no beating around the bush, we’re going to splash into the greatest debate of the century – which way should the end of your toilet paper hang? Relationships have been wrecked and families have broken apart over their toilet paper preferences. Whilst each side seems blinded by their own evidence, it is only fair to explore the alternative option.

It is hard to deny that the ‘under’ position looks neater, allowing you to tuck the loose end behind the roll and out of sight. When guests visit and see this position, they will marvel at the level of tidiness you have managed to achieve with this one single change. Not only does this placement look great, but if you have children or pets in your home it can be an absolute lifesaver; keeping the end at the back will reduce the chances of them pulling at the roll and destroying your home!

Conversely, those in team ‘over’ will argue that hygiene is more important than looks, and that having the end at the front avoids you having to touch the (likely bacteria-ridden) wall. Additionally, whilst the ‘under’ position keeps the end away from children and pets, it also works against us adults who have to grapple to find the end ourselves.  In summary, this way is just far more convenient.

Much of this argument falls to personal preference, but we should not forget that there was an original plan for toilet rolls and which orientation they should take. A 1981 patent from Seth Wheeler, the inventor of perforated toilet paper sheets, clearly shows toilet roll being positioned in the ‘over’ position. Does this confirm the right way? Or do both arguments have enough merit to be equally correct?


Soap: Bars or Liquid?

Soap has been around since 2800 BC, but the liquid form only stepped on to the scene in 1980. This means that humankind managed almost five thousand years using purely the bar form. So why is it that liquid soap has risen so quickly to popularity?

Liquid soap was a saving grace to people in the eighties, who had simply had enough of struggling with a slippery bar that left a foamy mess on any surface it was placed upon. Conveniently contained within a bottle, liquid soap became a far easier and tidier alternative, and even created a richer lather.

However, many still prefer bars of soap; not only are they cheaper than bottles of hand wash, but less waste is created as the pumps on bottles remove your control over the amount of soap you want to use. Additionally, liquid soap is often harsher on the skin due to them usually being highly-fragranced. If you have eczema or dry skin, soap bars are likely to be gentler and have more restorative properties.

If you still can’t decide which to opt for, the debate seems to boil down to one question: would you prefer your soap to be more convenient or more dermatologically friendly?


Washing: Shower or Bath?

In a similar fashion, showering is a fairly recent phenomenon in the grand scheme of things, with bathing being the only option until the first shower was invented in the eighteenth century. Whilst the contraption’s hygienic value was questionable to start with, many now argue that the only way to really get clean is to shower, as bathing is commonly referred to as “sitting in your own filth”.

Research, however, has disputed this throwaway statement, proving that the water dilutes the dirt enough for the process to be perfectly clean. They are also more relaxing and customisable (see our Create Your Own Bath Bomb blog post for more information). However, frequent baths can lead to dry skin if you spend too long soaking!

Showers are the better option if you are washing your hair at the same time, as shampoo strips skin of its natural oils – you don’t want to be sitting in it for an extended period of time! They are also, typically, better for the environment as less water is used (as long as you don’t take too long).


Shower Bath Dividers: Curtain or Screen?

It has been the norm for many years to be greeted by a striking pattern upon entering your bathroom. However, the era of the shower curtain seems to be coming to an end, and more and more people are opting to install glass screens instead.

Whilst shower curtains give us an exciting opportunity to jazz up our bathrooms with an eye-catching print, it cannot be denied that their functionality is often abysmal. Not only are they flimsy and easily damaged, but they are a nightmare for harbouring mildew, which can cause respiratory problems and compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Shower screens, however, are far more efficient at keeping in water and look more contemporary too. Whilst they are pricier than a curtain, you’re sure to spot a bargain within Pebble Grey’s range, and some such as this even come with a rail as an added bonus.


Peace at Last

Now that we have highlighted the key points behind these arguments, we hope that you can consider your opponents’ views more carefully and understand their point of view.

Or you could just carry on passive aggressively turning the toilet roll around – it’s your choice!


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