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Top 5 Hotel Bathrooms

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of staying in a great hotel room. The carpets are softer than yours, the bed is more comfortable and, let’s face it, the bathroom is probably nicer than the one you have at home.

However, that no longer needs to be the case, as we have examined some of the best hotel bathrooms and picked out the products that truly make them great. To help you achieve a bathroom look that mirrors some of these beauties, we have also helpfully linked you to some very similar products available right here at Pebble Grey.

No need to thank us, we’re just doing our bit to make sure that everybody can have a truly enviable bathroom.


01. Palais Namaskar, Morocco


Freestanding Bath

This bathroom is the epitome of elegance with its contemporary white ceramics and detailed decorations. The oversized curtains and various flowers create the perfect balance between luxury and simplicity, giving the room a grand aesthetic without going overboard. We could spend hours in this room just soaking in the large bath and enjoying the spectacular views of Morocco through the nearby window.

We have some similar sinks and baths to those pictured here at Pebble Grey, and we can also provide a large mirror to complete the look.

round Basin

Freestanding Bath

Bathroom Mirror


02. Monte Mulini Hotel, Croatia


Corner Bath

The Mone Mulini has managed to create a bathroom that looks spacious and modern, as well as cosy and warm. You’re never going to get cold in this room thanks to that fantastic radiator, so you there’s no reason not to spend the entire night in that lush bath!

We have both of these items within our own range, as well as some similar contemporary basins.

Corner Bath

Towel Rail

Square Bath


03. La Grande Maison, Bordeaux


Shower Bath

This hotel take the word ‘Grande’ seriously, and the concept can be found right through to the bathroom. There is a definite traditional feel to this space, with the claw foot tub and detailed taps, and the use of marble counters and double shower curtains has only furthered the sense of opulence. We especially love how white this bathroom is, making it look super fresh and clean.

We couldn’t recreate this look without the elegant freestanding bath, and we can also offer near identical basins and bath taps.

Freestanding bath


Mixer Taps


04. Corso 281, Rome


Double Basin

This simple yet stylish bathroom has pieced together complementary white pieces, and set them against a marble feature wall to create a stunning effect. The large mirror also aids the space by making it look double the size, and the multiple towel rails provide storage solutions as well as warmth to this gorgeous space.

Find similar wall mounted ceramics below, as well as the perfect illuminated mirror, sink and towel radiator to achieve this bathroom look in your own home.

Wall Hung Bath


Basin Vessel

Towel rail


05. Shagri-la, London


Bath with a view

This stylish apartment has a bathroom that gives an even better view than from the floor of sprawling city outside. The grey stone walls provide a real contemporary feel to the space, and of course we love the modern illuminated mirror (which looks just like our Assisi!). We’re also very jealous of guests who get to soak in that luxurious tub whilst looking down on the busy coming and goings of London.

We have a number of items here at Pebble Grey that look just like the ones found in this hotel bathroom!


Slipper Bath


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