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Heating Buying Guide

As the days are only getting colder, it has never been more important to have an efficient bathroom heater. Together we can fight against that dreaded shower exit and instead create a bathroom environment that’s just as relaxing as your bubble bath.

This dream is so close. We just need to consider a couple of factors before you pick out your perfect radiator.


01. Fuel Type

Not every radiator is powered in the same way, so you should think about your own home and habits before choosing a way to heat your bathroom.

Central Heating – These types of radiators can only be used whilst your main heating system is on, which for most people is usually just in the winter months. This is great if you only need your bathroom heater to be on then, but if you want warm towels all year round, you may want to consider a different option.

Electric – Unlike your central heating, electricity is used every day and is therefore usually a more convenient option for a towel rail or bathroom heater.

Dual Fuel – If you can’t choose between central heating and electric as your source of power for your bathroom heater, don’t worry there is an alternative! Dual Fuel radiators allow you to use either source depending on what is more convenient at the time.

02. Valves

All radiators need valves and you usually have to purchase them separately from your radiator. The two main categories for radiator valves are angled and straight.

Angled – Usually required for floor standing heaters.

Straight – Usually required for wall mounted heaters.


03. Mounting

As mentioned above, the way a radiator is mounted will affect which valves you should use. Here are the reasons you may opt for a particular mounting style.

Floor Standing – Floor standing options give you more room to hang your towels and are convenient for bathrooms that already have a central heating connection at floor level.

Wall Mounted – If space is at a premium in your bathroom, a wall mounted radiator may be the best option for you as it won’t take up valuable floor space.


04. Style

We have a vast range of bathroom radiators at Pebble Grey, and they all look very different from each other. Here is a quick run-down of the different styles.

Ladder – As this type of rail is built up of several ‘rungs’, they are particularly adept at holding and heating towels. If this is your primary reason for purchasing a bathroom heater then you should probably consider this style.

Panel – Panel radiators are brilliant at making any space toasty and warm! Each panel is actually a tank of water that gets heated up when you turn the radiator on. The warmth of the boiling water quickly spreads through the room, leaving you with a lovely place to relax in winter.

Designer – We have a large range of designer radiators at Pebble Grey, all of which have been designed with aesthetics in mind. Any of these products will look absolutely spectacular in your bathroom.

Horizontal – This is the orientation that typically comes to mind when hearing the word ‘radiator’. Whilst they tend to take up more space across your wall, their short height allows you to tuck it into unused spaces such as under windows and mirrors.

Vertical – A real show-stopping shape, all eyes will be drawn to a vertical radiator. They also take up less space along the wall as they travel upwards instead.

Colour – As well as styles, our radiators also come in different colours. Most of them are black, silver or white, but you may see some funky colours like red popping up too!

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