The right lighting in your bathroom can have a transformative effect on the room. We explain the sorts of lighting available for bathrooms and the different effects they can help you accomplish.

Types of lighting 

Bathrooms can provide access to a number of lighting options. By virtue of how bathrooms are laid out and their role as being a space for relaxation, lighting can be used just as much for creating mood and accentuating features as for function.

Lighting could involve a single fixture used to illuminate the room, a series of inset fixtures, or a number of individual light fittings.

The setup of the lighting can depend on the function you want a fitting to have, as well as the lighting you use for effect and to accentuate parts of your bathroom.

Lighting for effect 

Lighting for effect can be a case of lighting the bathroom to help it look bright and airy, or lighting it to help you relax. Those lights where the brightness can be controlled, or different light fittings with different purposes, can help accomplish these effects.

Bathrooms usually contain a lot of glossy reflective surfaces, such as tiles, mirrors, and chrome furnishings, like taps. This can be used to your advantage, as light will reflect from these surfaces, helping a room feel much brighter.

A bathroom also shouldn’t feel dingy. So your standard lighting should ensure you can see clearly and it should make the room feel bright and clear.

Lighting to help with relaxation should also be softer. It can also be focussed in specific areas, such as lighting fitted above the bath.

Lighting to accentuate

You might want to consider additional lighting in your bathroom to help accentuate different features.

Lighting around a mirror or along the bottom of a bath, for example, can help draw attention to a specific feature in the room and help it stand out.

This can be done using LED or plinth lights. Smaller lights, which can be spaced out and set against a baseboard or effectively inlaid into a wall, can also work well.

Using this sort of lighting helps to highlight different features within your bathroom. It can help to draw the eye away from areas you aren’t as happy with and towards more attractive focal points.

Accent lighting, for instance, around a mirror can have the added benefit of creating a bit of glamour, providing a Hollywood feel, while you use it.

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