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Mirror Buying Guide

No bathroom is complete without a mirror, but did you know how many choices you would be met with when embarking on this buying journey? Not only do mirrors come in an array of shapes or sizes, but they can also provide a range of features and serve different purposes.

Feeling confused? Don’t worry – you’re not alone!

To help guide you on your way to finding the perfect mirror for your bathroom, we have addressed some of the main points that you should consider before you start hunting.


01. Illumination

Many of our mirrors at Pebble Grey come with beautiful LED designs that set off the piece spectacularly, as well as providing additional functionality. However, there are multiple different styles of lighting implemented throughout our range, leaving you with a tough choice to make!

Illuminated – Our illuminated mirrors are perfect for lighting up your space, so are particularly useful for windowless bathrooms. Regardless, these mirrors look spectacular wherever they’re placed and have a truly modern feel.
Diffused – If you want to use your mirror as a light source but find the usual illuminated mirrors too dazzling, diffused mirrors may be the solution for you. Whilst they still emit a glow, it is diffused through frosted glass, making it more ambient. This style of mirror is perfect for creating a relaxed atmosphere for those who use their bathrooms to soak and unwind.
LED Dot – Lights can be used to create interesting designs, as demonstrated by our range of LED dot mirrors. If you’re looking for something a little more decorative than the average mirror, these can give you what you want.
Colour Changing – Be bold! These mirrors are perfect for implementing a pop of colour into your bathroom, brightening up your space and creating a unique setting. Mirrors with this feature are supplied with a remote control that allows you to choose and swap between the pre-set colours, making it impossible for it not to match your colour scheme!
Infinity – For the ultimate statement piece, an infinity mirror is an incredible choice. Using multiple mirrors paired with LED lights, an amazing effect of never-ending light is created. If you want your space to look as eye-catching as possible, this is the mirror for you.
Hollywood – To create the glamorous setting of 1950s dressing rooms, the retro Hollywood mirrors can truly bring your space back to life. This look is created by outlining the edges of a mirror with oversized bulbs, indicative of the Marilyn and Audrey era.
Non-Illuminated – If you’re searching for something a little more understated, Pebble Grey also has a beautiful range of mirrors without lights. These are likely to be more appropriate for you if your bathroom is traditionally styled, and will add a touch of elegance to your space.

02. Shape

The shape of your mirror is also an important consideration, as this can affect the style you are trying to create in your bathroom. It may be that you are trying to complement other shapes in your space, or create a specific effect.

Square/Rectangle – This classical shape has been used throughout the majority of our mirrors and is a very popular choice. Particularly popular in bathrooms, this mirror shape brilliantly complements a tiled wall and square suites.
Round – For a slightly more contemporary look, circular mirrors are also a great option. Whilst some feel clean and simplistic, others provide a nautical theme due to their porthole resemblance.
Unique – To add a touch of originality to your bathroom, try opting for a more unique shape, such as with rounded corners or asymmetrical edges.

03. Extra Features

The best mirrors provide convenience as well as an attractive design, which is why many of the mirrors at Pebble Grey come with extra features. Our mirrors are truly special and these extras are just one of the reasons that they continue to stand out from the crowd.

Demister – This handy feature will rid you of a steamed over mirror for good! Many of our mirrors are fitted with a pad that warms the surface upon activation, which then combats the mist. Not only is this convenient for when you want to use the mirror straight after showering, but it also reduces the danger of mildew growing in your bathroom.
Shaver Socket – Having a shower socket attached to your mirror can be a godsend for men, making it the ultimate convenience. Pebble Grey’s shaver mirrors eliminate the stress of finding a suitable outlet, instead bringing this facility to you.
Magnifier – Perfect for both shaving and makeup application, having a magnifying mirror can provide a whole new experience to this chore. We know that mornings can be difficult and all assistance is welcomed, so this feature aims to add ease to your routine.
Bluetooth Audio – Music can be a great addition to a relaxing bath, but the dangers of water mixing with electricity can make the prospect tricky. However, thanks to Bluetooth, you can now play music completely wirelessly. Several of our mirrors have this capability and will add an extra layer of enjoyment to your bathroom routine.
Digital Clock – Time is of the essence during most mornings, so keeping an eye on the clock is always a necessary habit. At Pebble Grey we have a range of mirrors that have a handy digital clock installed within the screen to help you with this task – you’ll never have an excuse for being late to work again!
Motion Sensor – Whilst added features make mirror ownership more enjoyable, controlling them can be a pain, especially in the bathroom where surfaces are often germ-ridden. However, our mirrors eliminate the risk of you implicating your hygiene by including an infra-red motion sensor, allowing you to control your mirror without touch.

04. Power

If you have opted for a mirror with lights or one of our many available features, you’re going to need a power source to get it up and running. A mirror from Pebble Grey will either need to be connected to your main power supply or will operate on batteries, so make sure to check how your mirror will work before purchasing.

Mains – If your mirror is to be used with your main supply, it’s likely that you will need to hire an electrician to help you with its installation. 240V are required to power a Pebble Grey mirror, so make sure that you can supply this to avoid disappointment.
Battery – Many consider this to be the more convenient option as there is no need to hire an electrician. Our battery powered mirrors all require 8 x AA batteries, which are not included with the product so make sure to stock up before delivery! You can even power these mirrors with rechargeable batteries to make the process even easier.


05. Aftercare

One you have found the perfect mirror and got it working, you’ll quickly fall in love. Make sure to keep this relationship blossoming by continuing to care for your new accessory long after purchase. There are several ways you can keep your mirror looking brand new as time passes by.

Cleaning – Keeping a mirror clean can be incredibly frustrating, and it seems like no matter what you do there will always be streaks left behind. Fortunately, Pebble Grey knows the secret to a streak-free mirror – newspaper! Start off by wiping the surface of your mirror with a dry cloth and then use newspaper, crumpled and soaked with water and vinegar, to finish the cleaning process. You should have a sparkling and pristine surface in no time!
Protection – At Pebble Grey we make every effort to create mirrors that are as durable as possible, but certain substances can have devastating effects for your product. Some strong cleaning products, particularly those containing ammonia, can wear away at the surface of mirrors and leave behind ugly black marks, so we highly recommend only using natural ingredients.

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