Not only are cabinets the most convenient storage solution for your bathroom, but you also have the ability to bring your bathroom to life with a diverse selection of designs and finishes to complement your style. Our beautiful collection includes spectacular LED lighting effects, motion sensors and de-misters. In fact, our collection is so varied that you may struggle to pick your favourite piece. Which is why we, at Pebble Grey, are here to guide you on your journey to purchasing your dream cabinet.

Illuminated Cabinets Following in the footsteps of our signature mirror range, many of our cabinets include various lighting options to add a touch of luxury to an essential product. Illuminated – Opting for an illuminated cabinet allows you to get more functionality out of our products, providing a light that effortlessly brightens your space. The sleek design of our mirrors will enable you to create a stunning focal point in your bathroom, no matter the shape, size or style of the room itself.  
Teagan LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror Cabinet
with Demister Pad   Diffused – Atmospheric lighting can be easily created through our diffused cabinets as these lights are transmitted through frosted glass panels, making them soft and gentle. These panels have also been used to create attractive and unique designs that set Pebble Grey cabinets apart from all others. LED Dot – Gracefully designed, our finest range of LED Dot mirrors combines elegance with modern technology to present you with a unique bathroom feature. As the name suggests, each mirror consists of individual LED lights to create the dotted effect, whilst still providing you with an incredible light output.   Sandy LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror Cabinet
Sandy LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror Cabinet   Non-Illuminated – Our contemporary mirrored bathroom cabinets are a unique yet convenient solution to store all of your toiletries in, whilst providing you with a quality bathroom mirror. When positioned opposite natural lighting, a mirror can create the illusion that the bathroom is more spacious and brighter, optimising your bathroom for the best experience for you and your family.

Extra Features As well as lighting, many of our cabinets come with extra features that provide convenience and enhance your bathroom experience during those busy mornings or lazy weekends. These features include the following: Demister Pads – Providing a quick solution to a steamed mirror, the warm demister pads found in many of our cabinets, will gently but efficiently clear your cabinet of mist so that it is back to full use just moments after showering. Allowing you to save that extra little bit of time during your morning routine. Motion Sensors – No matter how beautiful your bathroom is, it is inevitable that your surfaces will never stay immaculate. Which is why we can equip our cabinets with infra-red sensors, allowing you to access all of your extra features without having to make contact with the surface of your piece.   Pyrus LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror Cabinet with Shaver Socket and Motion Sensor
Pyrus LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror Cabinet
with Shaver Socket and Motion Sensor   Shaver Sockets – You will never struggle for an outlet for your razor again. Each shaver socket is hidden within the design of the cabinet, making for the ultimate convenient feature to eliminate the stress of finding a suitable outlet for both an electric shaver and an electric toothbrush. Bluetooth Audio – There is a song for every occasion – whether it be an upbeat hit to get you ready for the day ahead or a soothing melody that will help you unwind in the evening. Whatever genre you opt for, music truly adds to your bathroom experience, which is why we offer a range of Bluetooth audio cabinets that allow you to safely play your favourite songs without having to leave the tub. Shelves – With cabinets that look as good as ours, you may forget that their primary purpose is to store your toiletries. The amount of space and number of shelves provided is, therefore, an important consideration when it comes to picking a cabinet. If you live alone, you may opt for a smaller cabinet with one or two thin shelves, whereas a family bathroom may require a lot more space. Make sure to read all product descriptions and look at the provided photos closely to ensure that your chosen cabinet will meet your needs.   Pyrus LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror Cabinet with Shaver Socket
Pyrus LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror Cabinet
with Shaver Socket   Soft-Close Doors – Perfect for family homes, cabinets with soft-close doors are provided with an extra element of protection as there is no risk of damage.

Power Most of our cabinets are packed with electrical features, and therefore require a power source. A Pebble Grey cabinet will be powered either by battery or your main power supply, so make sure you know which your chosen product requires for a smooth installation. Our team of staff members are more than happy to help you with this if you require.  
Nevada LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror Cabinet
with Bluetooth Audio   Mains – Most of our cabinets will need to be wired to your main supply, meaning that you will require the help of an electrician. Our cabinets require a typical 240V in order to perform to the best of their ability, so please check that your supply can provide this to avoid disappointment. Battery – If you want to avoid the process of wiring your product to your mains supply, you can always opt for a battery-operated cabinet. These all require 8xAA batteries but this way can eliminate the need to hire an electrician so the entire installation can be completed quickly and by yourself.

Aftercare Our cabinets come with a guarantee of up to 5 years, and, with a little help, can look as good as new far after this period has expired.   Atlanta LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror Cabinet
Atlanta LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror Cabinet   Cleaning a mirror can feel like you’re stuck in a never-ending cycle; wiping away existing streaks leaves twice as many in their place. Consider using cotton buds for those little build-ups of dirt/toothpaste etc, and a microfibre cloth for the whole surface area. For even better results, use natural cleaning agents such as water and vinegar rather than harsh chemicals. Strong cleaning products, especially those made from ammonia, will damage your mirror by taking off the top layer and revealing dark marks.

We have put a lot of love into the creation of our cabinets, and we hope you’ll love them enough to keep them shining brightly for years to come.