It would be rather inconvenient to invite a couple guests to stay for a few nights, only to realise after the fact that you aren’t prepared for their arrival. Here are some simple things you can do to prepare both yourself and your bathroom for guests.

Clean everything the night before 

If you do nothing else in this list, the most important thing you can do is to simply make sure the bathroom is spotless. No guest wants to walk into a grimy bathroom with no clean towels. Before your guests arrive, give the room a complete once-over. Mop the floors, bleach the toilet, sink, and bath and wipe down the mirror; your guests will be grateful for the effort you’ve put in.

Provide some high quality towels 

There’s a good chance the current towels you own are towels that you’ve had for several years. They may be a bit frayed and worn out with use. If you really want to make your guests feel at home, invest in some new towels; your guests will appreciate the gesture and, because they won’t get used as often as your normal towels, they’ll stay in good shape ready for the next time guests arrive.

Make it smell nice 

If your bathroom lacks proper ventilation, there is a risk it could smell a bit musty. That is especially the case for guests who aren’t used to your home, and it could be a little off putting for them. You don’t have to do anything drastic. Leave a window open for a couple hours beforehand to let some fresh air in. You could also buy some lightly scented candles or an air freshener, but try and keep the scent natural and neutral; guests may not appreciate the more potent and overpowering scents.

Make sure you’re fully stocked 

Imagine you are someone’s guest. You’re spending a few days at a friend or family member’s house, but you find out that you’ve left some of your hygiene products at home. Your host didn’t anticipate this and doesn’t have any spare. To avoid this scenario for your guests, make sure to stock up on some bathroom essentials. Keep a couple of unopened toothbrushes along with toothpaste and mouthwash in a drawer, provide shower gel and bath sponges, and, most importantly, make sure you have a good deal of toilet paper stocked.

Hopefully, following these tips will help make your guests’ stay a far more pleasant experience for everyone involved. Perhaps invest in our Antonio wall mounted storage unit to keep things neat, or our electric heated towel rails to add that a little extravagance to their stay.