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Shaving routine for a top wet shave look

There are many fashionable styles you can try when it comes to shaving. But if you want to go for a professional, sharp, clean-cut look, nothing beats a traditional wet shave.

This blog explains the best process and shaving routine to follow when creating a top clean-shaven look.

Preparing to shave 

It’s best to shave after a hot shower because the steam and heat opens up your pores and softens your facial hair. This makes it easier to shave without cutting your skin. You should also shave in front of a mirror and above a wash basin, which can carry your shaved hairs.

Before starting to shave, you should make sure your mirror is clean and demisted. You can read about how to do this in our blog, How to defog a bathroom mirror. 

You should also have all your shaving equipment to hand and ready to use. This includes:

Shaving foam or gel – types for sensitive skin are best to avoid causing irritation

Fresh shaving razor or disposable razor

Moisturiser or post-shaving balm

The shaving process 

First, fill your wash basin with hot water and wet your face, if you haven’t taken a shower. You should then apply plenty of shaving foam or gel so it covers all of your facial hair.

Dip your shaver razor in the water and begin shaving. Start by shaving on either side of your face, below your sideburns. These areas respond to shaving gel quickly, so should be tackled first.

When shaving, you should bring the razor downwards so it goes with the grain (in the direction that the hair grows). It’s advisable to avoid shaving upwards or against the grain. While this can result in a closer shave, it can also cause irritation and cuts.

It’s a good idea to regularly dip your razor in the warm water in your basin to wash away any hairs trapped in the blades. Also, remember to use light, gentle shaving strokes to avoid causing cuts and bleeding.

Gently, continue to shave around your face, moving the razor down, from where facial hair starts at the top of your cheeks down to your jawline. Once this section is finished, you can shave under your chin and around your neck, starting at your jawline, moving the razor downwards.

You can now focus on shaving the more difficult areas – the upper lip, your chin and around your ears. It’s important to leave these areas till the end to allow the shaving foam or gel to thoroughly soften your skin.

Post shave and clean up 

After shaving, wash you face with cold water. This will help sooth your clean-cut skin and constrict blood vessels, reducing bleeding if you’ve cut your skin.

You should then pat dry your face with a clean towel, to avoid irritating your exposed skin with soap or shampoo.

Now use your face moisturiser or post-shaving balm to freshen and moisturise your clean-shaven face.

Finally, wash and dry your shaving razor to rid it of any hairs, and empty and clean your wash basin, ready for your next morning shave.

Mirrors to help improve your shaving routine

The perfect shave goes hand in hand with the perfect shaver mirror. At Pebble Grey, we offer a range of mirrors ideal for shaving. These include designs equipped with technology to give you the best shaving experience, from shaver sockets to demister pads.

To learn more about our stylish selection, take a look at our Shaver Mirror page.

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