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Step into a world of Shower Enclosures

Surround yourself with pure exhilaration with an exquisite shower enclosure, giving you the ultimate showering experience from the moment you step foot into your bathroom.

Designed with smooth curves and minimalist styling, we believe there is a perfect shower enclosure for every style, shape and size of bathroom. With shower enclosures created specifically for the smallest of en-suites, to ravishing walk-in showers for grander bathrooms, every type of shower enclosure has the ability to add personality to your bathroom.

Discover an all-encompassing range of luxury enclosures, designed for practicality and longevity. Everything you need from a luxury enclosure, with practical design and long-lasting quality.

Types of Shower Enclosures

Corner Entry:

Premier Bathroom Collection Ella Corner Entry Shower Enclosure

Premier Ella Corner Entry Shower Enclosure

Providing you with a perfect solution for compact bathrooms, corner entry shower enclosures are square and minimal, allowing for maximum use of space in your bathroom.

Fitted with sliding doors, these enclosures provide ease of entry and are designed to the highest quality standard by Premier.

Quad Enclosures:

Premier Bathroom Collection Apex Quadrant Shower Enclosure

Premier Apex Quadrant Shower Enclosure

Quadrant shower enclosures aren’t only convenient but offer complete versatility in any bathroom. Like the name suggests, they resemble one quarter of a circle, with the ability to fit into any corner of the bathroom. This makes them perfect for bathrooms both small and large, as they won’t take up a great deal of space – leaving you with plenty of room for furniture and storage.

Our current collection of Premier quadrant shower enclosures is designed to look minimal and sleek, with a stunning chrome finish

Offset Quad Shower Enclosures:

Premier Bathroom Collection Ella Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure

Premier Ella Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure

Partnered with offset quad shower trays, an offset quad enclosure is perfect for those smaller bathrooms to create a unique and precise feel to the room. We find that they work especially well with narrow bathrooms too.

Placed in the corner of the room, this feature will allow for the room to feel luxury and homely, no matter the shape or size.

Walk-In Showers:

Hudson Reed Wet Room Shower Screens with Ceiling Posts

Hudson Reed Wet Room Shower Screens

A walk-in shower comes completely free of doors, providing a blissful showering experience whilst making the most of the space in your large bathroom.

Our range of walk-in showers are designed in a very sleek and minimal way, allowing the enclosure to instantly become the focal point of your bathroom and fit in perfectly with the aesthetic you have created.

Shower Cabins:

Premier Bathroom Collection Opus Quadrant Shower Cabin in Black

Premier Opus Quadrant Shower Cabin – Black

If you would rather leave out the hassle of buying everything for your shower enclosure separately, a shower cabin could be perfect for you; it’s the ultimate package deal!

Combining style and convenience, you can now purchase a shower enclosure with everything included, down to the shower tray and storage shelves. Simply choose your preferred size, colour and style of waste to go with the enclosure, and you’ll be all set up.


Factors to consider


The size of a shower enclosure can vary significantly, it’s especially important to take in the overall size of the bathroom as well. The size of the shower enclosure itself will take an effect on how much attention you want to give the shower area.

A much larger shower enclosure will create an instant focal point and draw all of the attention to this one feature alone. However, a much smaller enclosure will make for the room to feel much more subtle and minimal, drawing the attention away from your shower area.


Once you decide on the enclosure size that best suits your bathroom, you will then have a choice of different shaped enclosures and shower trays.

The curved shape of quadrant and offset quadrant enclosures gives you a generous shower space and creates a gentle feel to the room. Contrasting to this, a square, corner entry shower enclosure is designed to be much sleeker. With straight edges and precise corners, these enclosures can fit in with the aesthetics of any modern bathroom.


Showers are commonly placed in the corner of the bathroom, an efficient space-saving position. That being said, why not think outside the box. Place an enclosure centrally against a wall, ultimately turning the shower into more of a statement piece, or have an entire wet-room, dedicated to maximising your showering experience.


Additional features

Shower Enclosure Profile Extension Kit in Chrome

Shower Enclosure Profile Extension Kit – Chrome

Patented EasyFit System – For quick assembly.

Extension Kits – Gives an extra 20mm of adjustment at either side of an enclosure.

Profile Cover Caps – Enclosure wall profiles will have cover caps as standard for a neat finish.

Quick Release Doors – All sliding doors have quick release rollers as standard for easy cleaning.

Shower Shield – Coated glass can repel water and prevent lime-scale build up.

Polished Stainless-Steel Showerhead – With anti-drip nozzles.

Magnetic Door Strips – Magnetic closing doors maintain a shower proof seal.

Allow your vision to come to life and browse through our exclusive range of shower enclosures online; it’s what your bathroom is missing.

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