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How a Shower Valve can instantly enhance your Bathroom

A shower valve is an essential feature of your shower, putting you in control of the temperature and the flow of water itself. As well as the functionality, you also have the ability to choose from a diverse range of styles and designs, allowing you to complete the look and feel of your bathroom and bring your ideas to life.

A shower valve performs two basic functions – it controls the temperature and the flow of the water in your shower. The temperature is controlled by mixing cold and hot water from your hot water supplies in specific proportions and generally has a single control to do this with.

The flow is controlled by the overall rate of flow and the direction from which the water emerges from, this being through either one or more outlets.

There is an abundance of choice when it comes to choosing your new shower valve, and we are here to help you settle for the most perfect one for your bathroom.


Concealed vs Exposed Valves

Allow all of your pipes to be neatly tucked away with the help of concealed shower valves. Placed flush against a wall, these valves are sleek and minimal whilst also giving you total control over your shower’s temperature and flow.

Exposed shower valves have the outlet(s) and associated pipes visible on the outside of the wall, which is why these usually come with a stunning chrome finish. This type of valve never fails to make a statement, instantly achieving an elegant aesthetic to your bathroom in such a simple way.


Hudson Reed Square Three Outlet Valve

Hudson Reed Square Three Outlet Valve


Thermostatic Valves

A thermostatic shower valve is one the most family-friendly valves, with the ability to shut off the supply of water if the temperature exceeds a factory pre-set value. The idea is to shut a specific valve before the water coming out of the shower reaches a temperature that could cause harm to your skin. With sleek, modern designs, take full control of your shower whilst ensuring the safety of your loved ones with ease.

Hudson Reed Surge Bar Mixer with Shower Kit

Hudson Reed Surge Bar Mixer with Shower Kit


Single, Twin and Triple Handle Valves

Conveniently control the flow and temperature of your water at the same time with a single handle valve. As the name suggests, these valves allow you to adjust components of the shower to meet the needs of the user; all through a sleek, single lever.

Turn your shower experience up a notch and control your water temperature and flow separately. Some twin shower valves even have the ability to let you control other bathroom products such as a body jet or a bath tap. And as well as being super convenient, these valves look spectacular and come in both traditional and contemporary styles.

Triple handle valves provide ultimate control over your shower experience. Not only will this valve allow you to control your temperature and flow separately for precise water regulation, but it will also allow you to swap control to other bathroom products such as body jets and bath taps; allowing you to take full advantage of your shower features in just one place.

Hudson Reed Indus Concealed Shower Valve with Dual Handle

Hudson Reed Indus Concealed Shower Valve with Dual Handle


With a range of styles, finishes and quality brands to choose from, why not take a look at our exquisite range of shower valves online now. You have the ability to enhance your bathroom with just a few clicks.

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