Posted on May 08, 2018 by the Pebble Grey Team

Smart Storage Ideas: Practical and Stylish Bathroom Storage

The smaller the space in the bathroom, the more important it is to use storage as a practical and stylish solution to help maximise the space available and to create a more convenient access for bathroom essentials.

Clear the bathroom and identify the available space suitable for new storage. Where do you have space? Under the basin? Above the basin? On each side of the tub? In an alcove? In the shower? Measure your space! There are plenty of different storage options to choose from.

Bathroom Vanity Units

Vanity units have drawer or door options to help conceal storage space tastefully. The units can be fitted underneath a basin; therefore, the unit makes use of the existing space and has the ability to add a minimalist aesthetic. They can be either freestanding or wall-hung.

Bathroom Storage Cabinets

An alternative to the vanity unit, try a cabinet. Cabinets can be incredibly versatile; they are designed in a variety of shapes, sizes and can be made to fit into a variety of spaces, including tight corners and alcoves, (a tall and slim bathroom cabinet is perfect for fitting into narrow spaces). This helps you to capitalise on space that otherwise might have little impact on a room.

All of our cabinets have generous storage space, some with adjustable shelves, energy efficient LED lighting, motion sensors, demister pads and/or an internal power socket for electric shavers and toothbrushes. Mirrored cabinets increase storage space but can also create the illusion that your bathroom looks bigger, read about how, here.

Bathroom Storage Accessories

Small storage fixtures are a unique way to create storage solutions in corners, alcoves and even in the shower, bath or under the basin. Using wall-hung shelves, towel rails, bath racks and shower tidies will elevate your storage to create more floor space as well as more space in your cabinets.

Storage accessories as well as cabinets and vanity units of different sizes and shapes helps to improve storage space within a bathroom. Different colours, textures and patterns allows you to introduce a variety of accents and feature areas to a bathroom to improve the aesthetic.

We can help you to create a space that is both attractive and functional with the right amount of space. To find your ideal storage solution, shop online!

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