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Choosing the most suitable towel rail for your bathroom

Towel rails have the ability to keep your towels dry and warm whilst ensuring the bathroom looks neat and tidy. Hanging your towels over the side of your bath, on the back of the door or even draped over a radiator can make the room feel cluttered and out of place.

Towel rails are where function and style are combined, with imaginative lines and bold colourways, these heating appliances make an instant focal point in every bathroom.

Whether it’s space-saving slimline shapes or exuberant curves, you can choose from a range of styles and sizes that are most suitable for your bathroom or en-suite, with ease.

Designer Towel Rails

Designer towel rails are a perfect way to bring your bathroom into the modern age. Heating your bathroom and keeping your towels dry shouldn’t mean having an old, out of date looking towel rail, so why not upgrade with something more out of the ordinary such as our Revive designer vertical towel rail from Hudson Reed.

We offer a range of designer towel rails which are available in different styles and colours such as the Single Designer White Towel Rail and the Hudson Reed Revive in red if you really want to make a statement in your bathroom!

Hudson Reed Ceylon High Gloss Black Designer Vertical Radiator with Towel Rail

Hudson Reed Ceylon High Gloss Designer Vertical Radiator in Black

Ladder Towel Rails

Straight ladder towel rails can add a designer touch to any bathroom (minus the cost) whether you are upgrading or completely renovating your bathroom. Available in modern or classic designs, ladder towel rails are a great bathroom heating option.

Our towel rails give off a good level of heat which can keep your bathroom warm in winter and are also a perfect place to store and dry your towels.

We have a number of different styles available including chrome, flat panel and curved towel rails to suit any size of bathroom.

Pebble Grey’s ladder rails are a useful, space-saving addition to any bathroom. Combining style, functionality, and a versatile heating solution in one, we are sure to provide you with whatever fitting you need.

Hudson Reed Flat Panel Heated Towel Rail in Anthracite

Hudson Reed Flat Panel Heated Towel Rail in Anthracite

Traditional Towel Rails

Bring a vintage and retro look to the table by exploring our range of traditionally styled bathroom towel rails. Whether it’s to accentuate a bath, or just to act as a stylistic flourish, we are sure to provide the right addition to your bathroom.

They can act as a beautiful welcome sight in almost any bathroom, not only providing comfort and convenience for yourself, but also spreading a sense of class and style into the bathroom.

Hudson Reed Epsom Heated Towel Rail in Chrome

Hudson Reed Epsom Heated Towel Rail in Chrome

Modern Towel Rails

Created to help you enhance your bathroom, these modern towel rails push the boundaries of design and innovation in the bathroom heating space. Sleek curves, flat edges and colourways can all add a statement to any bathroom and create a designer look. Not only do these towel rails look good, but they are also practical heating solutions that can keep your towels and bathroom dry.

Our modern towel rails are available in different styles, sizes and colours with vertical options available for extra space saving needs.

Hudson Reed Piazza Heated Towel Rail in Chrome

Hudson Reed Piazza Heated Towel Rail in Chrome

Electric Towel Rails

Take control over the temperature of your bathroom with one of our electric towel rails. Allowing you to choose from various settings, you can create the perfect atmosphere for your space whilst ensuring that you don’t use more energy than necessary. Alongside this unbeaten functionality, our towel rails look amazing and are available at competitive prices – especially since there is no need to mess around with existing pipework either!

Hudson Reed Eton Electric Towel Rail in Chrome

Hudson Reed Eton Electric Towel Rail in Chrome

As we emerge into October, you will notice that you’ll be constantly heating the rooms in your home to keep yourself and your family warm and cosy. So, why not take a look at our finest range of bathroom towel rails within our bathroom heating category – a wise choice of heating options for this up and coming winter season.

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