Posted on September 17, 2018 by the Pebble Grey Team

Five Reasons Why You Should Include a Vanity Unit in Your Bathroom

Vanity units are a unique addition to any bathroom, providing additional storage solutions around your basin in a subtle yet refined way. Because of this, we believe that vanity units are one of the most essential furniture items that every bathroom should have.

Instead of having a basin create wasted space, there are a number of styles and designs of vanity units that will allow for a more effective use of space in the bathroom. If you aren’t yet convinced, here are five reasons why you should include a vanity unit in your bathroom.

Hudson Reed Wall Hung Vanity Unit Urban Grey

Wall Hung Vanity Unit – Cabinet and Basin

Creates essential storage space

You may be struggling to store bathroom essentials or simply finding somewhere for unsightly products (spare toilet roll has to live somewhere close by). A vanity unit is the perfect opportunity to combine bathroom storage with a basin area to make the most of your bathroom experience.

Freestanding Vanity Unit – Cabinet and Basin

Choose from a range of different styles

Vanity units come in an exquisite range of styles and designs, giving you full reign when it comes to building the bathroom of your dreams. Whether your bathroom is elegant, with a modern twist or traditional with a vintage feel, you can be sure to find a vanity unit that suits your style.

Premier Athena Driftwood 505 x 883mm Freestanding Vanity Unit Cabinet and Basin

Freestanding Vanity Unit – Cabinet and Basin

Available in different sizes

As well as having the option to choose between a freestanding or wall hung unit, you will also have the choice to choose select sizes to suit the needs of your bathroom, or your style preferences. Choose between sliding drawers or cabinet doors, double sink units or even counter top units – you’ll be sure to find the perfect match.

Hudson Reed Quartet Hacienda Black 1440 x 548mm vanity Unit Double Cabinet and Basin

Wall Hung Vanity Unit – Double Cabinet and Basin

Complete the look

With most vanity units, you will find that they belong to a range of furniture too. So, if you are wanting to redecorate your bathroom entirely, you may be more reluctant to buying a vanity unit that comes with matching furniture to complete the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

Traditional Freestanding Vanity Unit Cabinet and Basin

Freestanding Vanity Unit – Cabinet and Basin

Easy to install

Most of our vanity units are available with fast delivery and come pre-assembled. This makes for simple and efficient installation, allowing you to feel at peace with your bathroom without the hassle of assembling all of your furniture beforehand.

Cloakroom Freestanding Vanity Unit Cabinet and Basin

Cloakroom Freestanding Vanity Unit – Cabinet and Basin

Why not take a look at our exclusive range of vanity units today, or further your search by browsing through our furniture range altogether.

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