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Square Shower Trays

Our square shower trays have been manufactured by top brands such as Premier who offer a lifetime guarantee on a number of products. Made from a resin mixture for super strength our square shower trays can last a lifetime.
Square Shower Trays
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Square Shower Trays

Your square shower enclosure wouldn’t be complete without a square shower tray. Our shower trays are easy to fit with a flat base and are 50% lighter than a standard stone resin shower tray. British made and available in a range of sizes our square shower trays also come with a lifetime guarantee.

Our square shower trays are multi-purpose and can be raised up with the use of a riser kit, installed flat on the floor, or even recessed into the floor if desired to suit any style of bathroom.

Square, slim and sleek. This collection of shower trays will complement any square shower enclosure – bringing the design of your bathroom to life.