Body Jets

Customise your shower experience and add some body jets for a real taste of luxury. These little jets will allow you to create a personal spa in your very own home, and it’ll be much easier than you think! The body jets from Pebble Grey are unbeatably priced and surprisingly simple to install, so what’s stopping you from adding some to your bathroom?
Body Jets
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Shower Body Jets

Wouldn’t you like to indulge in the most tranquil spa experience, all whilst in the comfort of your own home? Sink into a relaxing trance and reduce your stress immediately with shower body jets.

Why not add a body jet to your shower to create the ultimate shower experience and reform your bathroom completely. Our current range includes four beautiful pieces by Hudson Reed, all professionally designed and polished with a luxury chrome finish.

Our body jets work best in pairs for maximum coverage in the shower so make sure you are adding 2, 4, 6 or even 8 to your basket.

Available in a range of styles our body jets are a cost-effective option to add some luxury to your bathroom and supplied with up to a 20 year guarantee from the manufacturer.