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Electric Showers

Relax in hot water for as long as your heart desires with an electric shower. No need to worry about your shower turning shockingly cold, these showers heat the water through their own element in the unit, meaning hot water is always available. Don’t rely on your boiler; put your trust in a Pebble Grey electric shower.
Electric Showers
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Electric Showers

Electric showers are a great option for any bathroom their thermostatic controls allow you to regulate the temperature of your shower so you can have it as hot or as cold as you want. If you buy a higher kilowatt rating electric shower they are better for flow performance. Electric showers draw on a mains cold water supply and heat that water on demand so your boiler isn’t working on overtime.

Stylish and easy to use electric showers look and work great in any bathroom and are available with different power settings and multi-functional handset and flexible slider rails.