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Bath Tap Pairs

Achieve a wonderfully classic look in your bathroom with a pair of beautiful bath taps. The tap pair choice is also perfect for those wishing to keep their hot and cold water flow separate. Available in a range of styles, suitable for both traditional and contemporary tastes, you’re sure to find your perfect tap pair here at Pebble Grey.
Bath Tap Pairs
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Bath Tap Pairs

Sometimes it’s best to keep things nice and simple. If you are looking to add some tradition into your bathroom without being too extravagant, why not settle for a pair of bath taps?

With one tap for cold water and one tap for hot water, these features are proportioned to perfection to create a sense of simplicity and style to your bath tub.

The products in our collection come with a stunning chrome finish and have a product guarantee of at least 5 years; some are guaranteed to last 20 years without fault.