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Thermostatic Bath Shower Taps

Take complete control over the temperature of your bath or shower with one of our thermostatic bath shower taps. Gone are the days you would continuously adjust the your water temperature as you just can’t quite get it right; these taps will simply and clearly show what temperature you are using. Finally create the perfect bath and shower experience with Pebble Grey.
Thermostatic Bath Shower Taps
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Thermostatic Bath Shower Taps

Take control to a whole new level and change the way you bathe entirely by setting the water to your own specific temperature. Thermostatic taps are becoming increasingly popular now, particularly with families, as they provide a safer alternative to controlling the temperature of your bath water.

Our selection of bath shower mixer taps offers a diverse range of curved and sleek taps, guaranteed to suit any style of bath. Take a look at our collection today.