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Wall Mounted Bath Taps

Our range of wall mounted taps are an interesting and contemporary design choice that will make your bathroom look clean and polished. Fitting seamlessly into the walls, Pebble Grey has a great selection of designer quality taps to help you create your own personal spa. Despite the upmarket style, you will be shocked at how little you have to pay to get some of our wall taps for your own bathroom.
Wall Mounted Bath Taps
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Wall Mounted Bath Taps

This category presents you with a range of exquisite bath taps that are designed to mount your bathroom wall, allowing for additional space and a more luxurious feel to your bath.

A perfect addition that somehow makes the bath look minimal and tidy, these taps create a unique illusion of space in your bath tub. And not to mention, they make cleaning the bath feel like a walk through the park.

Discover our exclusive range of wall mounted taps, each one precisely designed so you can find the most suitable tap for your bath today.