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Wall Hung Toilets

Wall Hung Toilets give a bathroom a unique design and modern look and feel. When buying a wall hung toilet you need to include a wall hung frame and a built in cistern, which will allow you to integrate your cistern into your bathroom wall.
Wall Hung Toilets
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Wall Hung Toilets

Wall Hung Toilet pans are perfectly suited for smaller bathrooms such as cloakrooms as they take up less space than a traditional toilet. Our wall hung toilets also need a frame and cistern to be correctly installed.

As our wall hung toilets are compact they are easier to clean and allow you to cover the entire floor underneath with a mat rather than a normal cut out toilet mat which fits round the bowl.

Even though these toilets do give the illusion that they are floating they are fully fixed to a frame which can take similar weights as other toilet pan styles, so don’t worry that it might come off from the wall!