Bluetooth Audio Mirror Cabinets

There is nothing quite as relaxing in a bubble bath or listening to your favourite music. Thanks to our Bluetooth audio mirror cabinets, you can now do both at the same time! Whilst wired devices are dangerous in the bathroom, Bluetooth technology eliminates this problem as it allows you to play music wirelessly as you soak further into your tub. Get ready to immerse yourself in absolute bliss.
Bluetooth Audio Mirror Cabinets

Our Bluetooth Audio Mirror Cabinets

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About Our Bluetooth Audio Mirror Cabinets

Bluetooth audio is one of the most recent developments in bathroom mirror cabinet technology. Quality speakers are built into the mirrored cabinet to allow you to listen to your own Bluetooth devices including radio, tablet and smart phone, perfect for emphasising the ambience in your bathroom.

Not only do our cabinets offer extra storage space, most mirrored cabinets at Pebble Grey are multifunctional. Our Bluetooth audio mirrored cabinets are also LED illuminated, some with a shaver socket, some with a digital clock and some with demister pads.