4 Halloween Makeup Tips for Beauty Lovers

4 Halloween Makeup Tips for Beauty Lovers

It’s finally that time of year again – pumpkin spice lattes are back and Halloween is just around the corner. Halloween is the makeup highlight of the year and for beauty lovers, it's the perfect excuse to experiment and go all out with a creative look. Halloween makeup is the cherry on top of a costume and can even create an entire look in itself. 

Whatever your costume plans, whether it be cute and angelic or sassy and devilish, here are 4 tips to step up your Halloween beauty game this October.


1. Prep, prep and prep! 

Prepping your skin should be an essential step of your make-up routine; especially when it comes to heavy Halloween makeup. Costume makeup and face paints are notoriously harsh on the skin which can lead to irritation, blocked pores and breakouts. Prevention is the best cure - start off by exfoliating your skin with your favourite scrub to help remove any dead skin cells and create a smooth base. Make sure your skin is clean and dry before any makeup magic begins.  


2. Lighting is key  

Professional MUA’s agree that lighting is the key to successful makeup application. Halloween looks are all about the details and getting ready in front of a vanity mirror will help you to master your eerie look. Applying your makeup at a dressing table mirror with lights (such as a Hollywood Mirror) will enable you to step out to the party rest assured that your makeup is on point in any setting. Lighting can also dramatically improve your selfie quality which will help you capture the perfect pre-party picture! 


3. Make the most of Halloween beauty launches 

Beauty lovers know that Halloween = a plethora of spooky and creative collabs! One of our favourite collaborations this year is the Makeup Revolution x The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror collection. The range is the ultimate collectable for hardcore Simpsons’ fans and contains everything from a Mr Burns Lip Kit to a Homer Blending Sponge. In our eyes, the star of the show is the Spooktacular Eyeshadow Palette. With a wide range of matte and metallic shades, the bright palette is ideal for enhancing any Halloween look whilst also being wearable all year round.

Image from Revolution Beauty London


4. Remove your makeup thoroughly  

Once you’re home after a long night of enjoying the Halloween festivities, it’s important to refresh your skin with a little TLC. The only problem is, you’re covered in products that are hard to remove that you intended to last as long as possible!  

Don’t worry, oil based cleansers are great when it comes to removing stubborn waterproof makeup. Using a small amount of petroleum jelly, baby oil, coconut oil or olive oil are all suitable candidates. Cleanse twice - the first time to take off the bulk of the cosmetics and the second time to really clean the skin. Soothe your skin with a rich, hydrating moisturiser after removal and your post-Halloween skin will thank you.