The Skull Makeup Tutorial You'll Want to Try ASAP

The Skull Makeup Tutorial You'll Want to Try ASAP

Deciding on a Halloween costume is hard work! With endless options at your disposal, it’s easy to get flustered and we often end up settling for a simple and mundane choice. But are you feeling creative? Why not ditch the cat ears and try something spookier this year.

Say hello to the Skeleton – high impact, adaptable and an easy costume to throw together at the last minute. This Halloween makeup look strikes the perfect balance between spooky and cute, and can usually be pulled off with whatever is already in your makeup bag.

Creative makeup artist Xen used her Kendall Hollywood Mirror by Glamour Mirrors to create this incredible look. This is living proof that skull makeup can be glam!

If you’d like to recreate this fab look, watch Xen’s video and follow the step-by-step guide below. This is an extremely versatile look, and the colour and style of the skull can be adapted to suit your personal taste, face shape and outfit.


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Cover your eyebrows (optional)

  1. Start with clean, oil free brows.
  2. Use a Pritt stick to glue brows down.
  3. Dust with translucent powder, cover with concealer, then use powder again.



  1. Apply a cream foundation or face paint to your face and neck.
  2. Use an eyeshadow pencil to draw the outline of the skulls jaw, teeth, face structure and nose in to the natural contours of your face.
  3. Use a black face paint and a thin brush to fill in these outlines. Add shading with black powder eyeshadow to give a three-dimensional depth.
  4. With black liquid eyeliner, define the skulls teeth. Once dried, fill in with white face paint.
  5. Use a brown powder eyeshadow to add further depth and shading where appropriate.


Finishing touches

  1. Add glitter to eyelids and put on your favourite false lashes.
  2. Accessorize your look with gems, studs and jewellery.

You can browse all of Xen’s amazing makeup looks on her Instagram and TikTok - @Xenmakeup

After receiving her vanity mirror, Xen said: “Absolutely in love with my Glamour Mirrors Hollywood style mirror! The lighting is perfect for doing my makeup looks, has 3 different light settings and a dimmer! It also has a plug socket on the side so I can keep my phone charged whilst filming content 🥰”


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