5 current design trends that’ll inspire your next bathroom renovation

5 current design trends that’ll inspire your next bathroom renovation

After spending last year locked in our homes, lots of us are looking to freshen up our spaces. The bathroom is the perfect place to start renovations as it's the most used room in the house. Incorporating character into your bathroom is easy, especially if you already have a design style in mind. Below we explore some of the popular design trends for 2021 and how you can use them to optimize your bathroom.

1.) Japandi

Projected to be at the forefront of trend, Japandi fuses two popular design styles with one common goal – minimalism. Welcoming Japandi into your home can be simple yet rewarding, especially in your bathroom. Japandi is a much sought-after design style that can create a calming, relaxing and inviting ambience where you can truly unwind. Simply decluttering your space and adding a statement piece can be all you need to incorporate some of the key elements of Japandi into your bathroom. Reducing excess decoration and replacing them with functional, integral décor pieces is a perfect way to nail Japandi design. Illuminated bathroom mirrors act as an eye-catching focal point but, they also add light which is a functional element of any interior.

2.) Contemporary

Contemporary is a design style that's always going to be popular, which is why it's great for the bathroom. Timeless yet sophisticated, the Contemporary design utilises simplicity and clean lines to create a sleek and fresh space. Lots of us will already have elements of contemporary design in our homes but, if you don't, it can be easy to create. Pairing neutral colours with classic wooden flooring and then adding some unique decorative pieces is an exquisite way to showcase contemporary style. Intended to be light and bright, the contemporary style can be simple but, effective especially in the bathroom where you’re looking for tranquillity.

3.) Industrial

Born out of the revival of old factories and industrial spaces, the industrial design trend is making its way into more homes. Ideal for rooms with open layouts, the industrial style incorporates elements from exposed brick walls to metal and wood décor. However, Industrial style décor can be implemented with various design styles and will blend in perfectly. Matching neutral colours with black fixtures and furnishings is one way in which you can industrialise your bathroom. A black bathroom mirror can easily enhance your bathroom and create an industrial feel in your space. Illuminated mirrors with metal frames are perfect when you’re trying to create an industrial feel. Alternatively, if you opt for a ​backlit mirror, dramatic lighting can really evoke an industrial impression.

4.) Modern

Modern interior design styles are increasingly popular and remain on trend year after year. You’ll often find that people merge contemporary and modern styles in their homes but, they can work very well independently. Modern interior designers make use of natural materials and earthy tones that convey calm and comfortable appeal. When you use modern design styles in a bathroom, you should try and keep decorations and furnishings to a minimum because it relies heavily on simplicity. Functionality is also key; adding a mirrored cabinet to a modern décor will be an interior match made in heaven. Keeping your bathroom essentials hidden away and stripping your bathroom down to the essentials is a perfect way to demonstrate modernism in your home.

5.) Grandmillennial

Grandmillennial or granny chic is an up-and-coming design trend that is a stark contrast from the above styles. It focuses on using traditional favourites and upscaling them to suit a younger market. Grandmillennial focuses heavily on nostalgia and finding unique items that can work well in your space. The great thing about this design trend is that you don’t have to remodel to make it work. Grandmillennial is all about using dated decorations in modern spaces and making them work. An effortless way to do this in the bathroom is to add some vintage looking collectables to your already stylish bathroom; these could include taps, accessories and even a mirror.