What is a vanity unit?

What is a vanity unit?

Many people may be completely unaware of what exactly a vanity unit is, but that doesn’t mean the answer is all that complicated. To give you some insight, we explain what a vanity unit is, its uses and how to find the right one for your bathroom.

What is a vanity unit for?

There is a good chance that you know what a vanity unit is, but just haven’t heard that specific term used before. Quite simply, a vanity unit handily combines the functions of a sink basin and storage space into one piece of furniture. Vanity units are a versatile piece of furniture for a bathroom, and they can fit into any style of bathroom. If you have a larger bathroom, you could opt for a much bigger vanity unit to act as the decorative cornerstone of the room; if you have very limited space in your bathroom, a smaller vanity unit will offer a simple and stylish way to save room while still being able to provide useful and effective storage space.

Style Choices

While they can serve a purely aesthetic purpose by keeping any pipes and plumbing work out of sight, they also provide a multifaceted way to approach decorating based on the size of your bathroom. Whatever the amount of space you have to work with, there are a range of styles and sizes that will suit you.

From large units to provide ample storage to smaller units if space is an issue. You can marry how your vanity unit looks to what style bathroom you would like. Look for a sleek white unit for a clean, minimalist look, or a classic wooden unit for a more rustic style. You could take it further still by opting for an ultra-modern wall hung unit which can help you to maximise space without compromising on creating a sleek and stylish bathroom.

Using a vanity unit in a bathroom doesn’t limit your other storage options however, it can still be coupled with other shelves and cabinets without detracting from the overall look and feel of a room. A vanity unit can form a major part of your bathroom furniture, adding additional storage and functionality to a sink and helping to tie storage and bathroom fixtures together effectively. To help you choose the perfect style for your bathroom, check out our range of vanity units.