How to choose the right mirror shape for your bathroom

How to choose the right mirror shape for your bathroom

Are you considering the best mirror shape to complete your bathroom aesthetic? Mirrors can undoubtedly impact your space, which is why it's important to find the right style and shape. The best thing to do is take note of what you already have in the bathroom and what's missing. You may find your bathroom consists mainly of straight lines, so maybe it's time to contrast that with something different.
A combination of rectangular, round, and oval elements in the bathroom can convey a sense of style – therefore, offset a rectangular sink with a round or oval mirror and vice versa if you have a rounded sink. Each mirror shape can bring something different to the bathroom – round mirrors bring softness, oval mirrors bring simplistic style, and rectangular mirrors are a go-to for most interiors because of their versatility.

Oval mirrors complement modern bathrooms perfectly

If you're looking to add a more decorative element to the bathroom, oval bathroom mirrors are the way to go - they add a touch of elegance to any space.

An effortless focal point, oval mirrors serve both form and function in your bathroom. Quirky yet fun, this mirror shape is a seamless way to add a bit of personality to your bathroom. In particular, we think oval mirrors pair best in neutral settings where simplicity is key. An oval mirror can be all you need to complete the aesthetic in contemporary and classic spaces - plus, their unconventional curves will set your bathroom apart from the rest.

To complement your space further, counteract an oval or pill-shaped bathroom mirror with clean lines and lighting. As mentioned above, we recommend mixing and matching differently shaped elements to tie your bathroom together. Therefore, position an oval bathroom mirror above a rectangular sink and incorporate rounded accessories. Pair the finish of your mirror with the fixtures and accessories to create harmony throughout your bathroom. Lastly, in terms of lighting, keep things simple with dual wall lights, or why not choose an illuminated oval mirror?

Rectangular mirrors are versatile enough
to fit in any bathroom

Rectangular mirrors are typically the most popular shape when it comes to interiors, and the bathroom is no different. Whether you have a lot of room or not so much, this mirror shape suits a range of design styles and is available in a variety of sizes to suit your space.

As the usual norm, there are a lot of choices when it comes to rectangular mirrors - there's a wide range of products available. Finding the one that's perfect for your space can be challenging. Take the size, orientation, and features into consideration of a mirror before you purchase. If your bathroom is small, a horizontal mirror can make it feel wider or if you're looking to lengthen the look of your room, go for a vertical orientation. Most rectangular mirrors are rotatable, so this is often a decision you can make later, but when it comes to features, make sure to explore everything that's on offer. You may prefer a demister mirror over a shaver mirror or an illuminated mirror over a standard mirror - the choice is yours.

Rectangular bathroom mirrors are also versatile - they are perfect for contemporary and classic interiors as well as modern industrial, but the truth is, their impact and depth will work well with any interior design style. We'd recommend pairing more contemporary bathrooms with a frameless mirror and modern bathrooms with a framed mirror as they complement each other perfectly.

A round bathroom mirror is best if space is at a premium

Mirrors are more effective in compact spaces as they reflect and bounce natural light across your bathroom. The supplementary influx of natural light converts your bathroom into an inviting and open space; when it comes to round mirrors, they do all this and more.

Round mirrors help to create a more spacious feel in smaller bathrooms with their shape alone. Round reflectors allow more of the wall to be unveiled - especially when compared with rectangular mirrors. The increased wall space and unique focal point of the mirror take your mind off the size of the room - this can be particularly effective on walls with tiles or wallpaper.

As well as this, round mirrors blend effortlessly into the modern interiors; their geometric form and curved lines embrace minimalism, making them perfect in contemporary spaces. If you're taking a less is more approach to your bathroom renovation, a round bathroom mirror is the way to go. Not only are they functional but also simplistic; their curved nature adds a soft element to your bathroom and helps to convey a sense of calm. Helping to create a tranquil atmosphere, the curved edges of a round bathroom mirror may be just what you need to complete your bathroom design.