Oslo LED Bathroom Mirror #size_600mm-x-800mm
Oslo LED Bathroom Mirror #size_1000mm-x-600mm
Oslo LED Bathroom Mirror #size_1000mm-x-600mm
Oslo LED Bathroom Mirror #size_600mm-x-800mm
Oslo LED Bathroom Mirror #size_600mm-x-800mm
Oslo LED Bathroom Mirror #size_600mm-x-800mm
Oslo LED Bathroom Mirror #size_600mm-x-800mm
Oslo LED Bathroom Mirror #size_600mm-x-800mm
Oslo LED Bathroom Mirror #size_1000mm-x-600mm
Oslo LED Bathroom Mirror #size_1000mm-x-600mm
Oslo LED Bathroom Mirror #size_1000mm-x-600mm
Oslo LED Bathroom Mirror #size_600mm-x-800mm
Oslo LED Bathroom Mirror #size_1000mm-x-600mm

Oslo LED Bathroom Mirror


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Offering simplistic Scandi Style with its minimal yet sophisticated look, the Oslo LED Backlit Mirror creates a sense of drama with its ambient glow. Casting a calming effect are the backlit LEDs that create an expansive, inviting and relaxing atmosphere to convert any space into a sublime sanctuary. Coupled with dual lighting options and dimmer, the Oslo lets you modify the mood until you find your perfect Hygge.

Product Features
  • Demister pad
  • Motion sensor
  • Rotatable (portrait or landscape)
  • Slimline
  • Cool to warm adjustable lighting
  • Dimmable
  • IP44

Requires a mains 240V connection for installation.

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How you styled it

See how our customers used this mirror to complete the look in their bathroom.

Set the perfect ambience

Adjustable Eco Friendly LEDs

Experience the perfect lighting solution with our adjustable colour temperature LEDs. These innovative LEDs seamlessly transition between 3000k, offering a cool and crisp ambience, to 6000k, bathing your space in a soft warm glow. Whether you're looking for an energising atmosphere for your morning routine or a comforting radiance for your nightly relaxation routine, our colour temperature-changing LEDs provide you with the flexibility to set the mood exactly as you desire.

Oslo LED Bathroom Mirror #size_600mm-x-800mm

Simple Control

Say goodbye to smudges and fingerprints. With our motion sensor activation technology, a simple wave of your hand is all it takes to control the illumination. Enjoy a cleaner and elegant bathroom.

Oslo LED Bathroom Mirror #size_600mm-x-800mm

Steam Free Design

No more struggling with foggy mirrors after a relaxing hot bath or shower. With automatic activation, when illuminated, the built-in demister pad assures that your reflection remains crystal clear, eliminating the need to constantly wipe away condensation.

The perfect fit

Our family of Oslo illuminated mirrors are designed with flexibility in mind. Both sizes are rotatable allowing them to be installed portrait or landscape over the vanity unit.

Oslo LED Bathroom Mirror #size_600mm-x-800mm

Size & Details


What Our Customers Think of the Oslo:

Frequently Asked Questions

An illuminated mirror not only provides excellent lighting for tasks like grooming and makeup application but also adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom. It enhances visibility, creates a more inviting atmosphere, and can be a stylish focal point in your space.

Yes, LED mirrors are highly energy-efficient, costing less than 1p an hour to run. LED technology consumes less electricity compared to traditional lighting, contributing to lower energy bills. Additionally, LEDs have a longer lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Yes, many illuminated mirrors offer adjustable brightness settings, allowing you to customise the lighting according to your needs and preferences. This feature adds versatility, making the mirror suitable for various tasks.

Inside our packaging, there is a printed installation guide showing you how to install your mirror. This includes contact information for our UK support centre who are here to assist you both before and after your purchase. Additionally, the mirror will come with screws and wall plugs (these are for traditional brick and mortar, not plasterboard).

Once you've completed your order, all you have to do to activate your free extended guarantee for your LED mirror is complete a quick and easy online registration form. You will have 30 days to complete the form. We'll confirm your coverage by email, giving you all your details should you ever need to contact us during the guarantee period.

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