4 times mirrors were used in architecture with amazing results

4 times mirrors were used in architecture with amazing results

Here at Pebble Grey we have been perfecting our range of illuminated mirrors for over seven years. You could safely say that we've got an eye for innovation and design and to prove it we're showing you the times mirrors have been used in architecture and design with amazing results.

1. The Invisible House

The invisible house in Joshua Tree California looks like how we would live if we colonated Mars. This futuristic home was designed by Thomas Osinsk and Los Angeles film producer behind American Psycho Chris Hanley. They designed this home to look like a New York Skyscraper on its side. The Invisible House is clad in mirrored tempered glass typically used for skyscrapers and elevated above the ground on cylindrical concrete columns, forming a cantilever at one end.

Some may think this is an eyesore much like all the high rises you see in New York, but this monumental piece is meant to blend into the background reflecting the surrounding natural beauty. Genius idea of a man made structure fitting into a natural environment.

2. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

A new mirrored bowl-shaped art storage centre is now open to the public and takes centre stage in Rotterdam's Museumpark designed by MVRDV. It is the world's first publicly accessible art depot, meaning it's not your ordinary art gallery. Most museum storage depots are not open to the public. However this one is! It allows the museums to show their entire collection, whereas other museums can only show 205 of their collection at any one time.

The roof garden has also been transformed, with a floor to ceiling external mirrored cladding. You can see it on google maps here (Google Street View). This magically transforms the limited space while also hiding the top level of the building as it reflects its surroundings.

3. The Four-Storey Slide

Like it or not, this is real. Built within a penthouse in Manhattan, this slide goes down through all four storeys of the building. And, just to add, it is a functioning slide that residents use to navigate the house.

4. Cloud Gate

We couldn't talk about our favourite mirrors in architecture without talking about the icons ‘the bean’. The Cloud Gate, aka The Bean. Sitting in Millennium Park in Chicago, this mirrored sculpture reflects Chicago's skyline, The Bean has become one of Chicago's much loved pieces of architecture. The bean was created by using computer technology to cut 168 stainless-steel pieces which then pieces together and welded shut.