A Guide to Picking the Perfect Bathroom Sink

A Guide to Picking the Perfect Bathroom Sink

When it comes to choosing a sink, it can feel like the possibilities are endless but there are a few key questions you can ask yourself to narrow down your choices. Here are just a few thing you have consider when finding your perfect bathroom sink.

What style is your bathroom?

It might seem like an obvious question but identifying the style of your bathroom is the first thing you need to do before choosing your sink. Do you have a traditional bathroom or is it more modern? If you’re kitting out your bathroom from scratch, take your cue from the rest of your house instead. If your style is more modern, recessed square sinks or plinth-mounted bowl sinks can look good while more traditional styles demand equally traditional basins.

How much space do you have?

Don’t forget to carry that tape measure with you wherever you go. If you’re having a wall-mounted sink you’ll need to know how much space it’ll have to extend into your bathroom. If you’re mounting a sink onto a vanity unit or plinth you’ll need to know how deep it can be. And don’t forget to leave space for waste pipes! Very often the amount of space on offer in your bathroom can really help you slim down your choices.

Do you want something plain or more of a feature?

If you have quite a plain bathroom, it can be nice to turn your sink into an eye-catching feature. From mosaic-clad recesses to patterned porcelain bowls, there are so many interesting designs on offer -- you can even get hand-painted sinks from ceramic specialists and artists. If your bathroom is already quite busy however, or you don’t have very much space, small plain sinks can be the best option as they can be tucked away in a corner without adding to the clutter.

Will your bathroom always look this way?

Of course it’s always a good idea to think about the future before you make any decisions. If you’re the sort of person who loves chopping and changing your décor every few years, a plain sink is a far better option than a feature sink as it’s one less thing you’ll have to change to match the new design. It’s also worth thinking about whether you’re likely to be selling your house soon. When it comes to making a sale, neutral bathrooms are more likely to appeal to most buyers rather than quirky choices that might only suit your personal tastes.