Adding a splash of colour to your bathroom

Adding a splash of colour to your bathroom

Blue, blue, blue, blue, blue...that's the colour of bathrooms, right? Or there is of course white if you're really ambitious!

Trends in bathrooms designs are always an interesting one, after the avocado suites of the 70's, the trend for clean, fresh bathrooms has been favoured. But with the trend now headed towards luxury, hotel-inspired spaces that can all change.

Obviously in small bathrooms adding a bold colour won't do you any favours – take a look at our blog for some ideas to make the most of small bathrooms – but for mid to large bathrooms colour is something you can really have fun with.


Blue is a really traditional colour for a bathroom, but instead of just a few watery accents why not go bold and opt for a modern statement blue?

Not only does blue represent cleanliness it's also associated with tranquillity and calmness, creating the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing bath.


Green is an ideal option to add some subtle colour to your bathroom. As the colour of nature it's suited to traditional or cottage style houses and light greens will work in smaller bathrooms too.

Why not start by adding some plants and green accessories to a blank canvas?


A red bathroom is a bold step, but in a large space with plenty of natural light it can really work. Pairing red décor with a white suite and accessories will stop the space looking too brooding, but if it's a romantic and passionate look you're after try some darker accents.

You don't have to go mad and paint the whole of you bathroom red, just like in any other room, consider a feature wall and keep the rest of the room neutral.


Not for the brave-hearted, but multi-coloured bathrooms make fun children's bathrooms. Creating a fun, adult free zone where they want to brush their teeth and have a bath is a great way to get them into a routine. Why not let them help out in the interior design stakes?!

If you're not sure you're quite ready to get the paint brushes out just yet, try adding some colour with bathroom accessories.

For more bold bathrooms, take a look at our Pinterest boards!