How does a high-tech mirror benefit your bathroom?

How does a high-tech mirror benefit your bathroom?

Bathrooms are becoming more than a functional room in the home. They are evolving into private sanctuaries and places to relax and unwind after a long day. As a result, technology is being used in more surprising places, from speakers built directly into the bath to a TV set fitted to a bathroom wall. The room is becoming much more tech savvy and that shift is no more noticeable than in the humble bathroom mirror. This post explains different ways a high-tech mirror can benefit your bathroom.


Demisting a bathroom mirror can be a time-consuming task. We’ve previously highlighted some of the different methods for demisting but, thankfully, technology can now help too. Many mirrors now come with a demister pad built into the mirror, which helps to stop the mirror from fogging up. This helps you to see clearly through the glass when you step out of the shower – just as you could before you switched it on.


Relaxing is made all the easier when you can listen to music and shut off external distractions. From listening to something while you soak in the bath, or having a song to sing along to in the shower, being able to listen to music in the bathroom is an important part of a daily morning routine for many people. Mirrors, with Bluetooth functionality built in, allow them to connect to enabled phones or tablets and can play music directly through the mirror. Some mirrors that sync up with other devices also come with a remote control. This means you don’t even need to risk the potential horror of dropping your phone in the bath.

Multiple Functions

Other simple functions, like a digital clock or a shaver socket, might not sound like major additions to a bathroom mirror, compared with other technology. Yet they can both provide additional convenience for many people. For example, having a shaver socket built into a mirror means that you can charge your electric shaver without using an adaptor. Not all house bathrooms have a shaver socket, so this can make life that little bit easier too – a key aim of technology.

Benefitting your Bathroom

Combining different functions into a piece of furniture or fixture in your bathroom, like a plug socket or speakers, is a great way to save space. Having that extra functionality in a room can also make the difference between your bathroom being purely functional, and it being a room you can enjoy using to relax. Bathroom mirrors can contain a variety of different technologies. Some help save you the job of demisting, while others are designed purely to help you relax more easily. To help you find the most suitable mirror with the right technology to suit your needs, take a look at our range of bathroom mirrors.