How to frame your bathroom mirror

How to frame your bathroom mirror

A mirror, alone, can make a great addition to your bathroom. Better still, a mirror with an attractive frame, which fits with the overall look and feel of the space, can provide a much more effective finishing touch to the room.

A new frame can also help revitalise an old mirror or help match it to a recently redecorated bathroom.

But how do you choose and fit the right frame for your bathroom mirror?

Choosing the right mirror frame

When choosing a frame, it’s best to first think about the decor in your bathroom and select one that complements it. This could include picking a frame painted in a coordinating colour, or choosing a frame made from a material, or with a finish, that matches up to your fixtures and fittings.

The shape and style of the frame can play a part in this too, so consider choosing a design that suits the rest of the room. A bathroom decorated with a clean, chrome, white and dark wood design, for instance, probably won’t be the most appropriate home for a chunky, gold, baroque-influenced mirror frame.

Fitting a frame to your mirror

There are a number of different ways to fit a frame to your mirror. The important thing to remember, though, is the method you use tends to relate to how the mirror is attached to the bathroom wall.

In many bathrooms the mirror is attached directly to the wall. The frame will probably be an overlay, glued around the existing mirror, which is then fitted to the room wall.

If the mirror you’re using hangs from a picture hook, the method for framing it will probably need a bit more DIY work. This involves attaching the mirror to a backboard, sandwiching the mirror between the board and the frame, and then attaching this to the picture hook.

Sites like wikiHow have detailed guides for how to successfully frame your mirrors. If you’d rather not frame the mirror yourself, and would prefer to leave it to the experts, some picture framing services can do this for you.

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