How To Look Good Naked! The Most Flattering Colours, Lights And Mirrors For Your Home

How To Look Good Naked! The Most Flattering Colours, Lights And Mirrors For Your Home

We all know that some mirrors make you look better than others – that’s why we’re very careful in the choice of mirrors we sell here at Pebble Grey. However, it’s not just a matter of choosing the right mirror to make you look good – lighting and colour also play an important part in what we look like.


Choosing the right mirror for the bathroom is essential. Just remember that all mirrors are not equal and buying the right mirror is vital for getting your makeup right so that you can face each day with confidence knowing that you look your best.


Lighting is an important consideration in the bathroom – the room lighting as well as any task lighting you choose to include, such as illuminated mirrors which make it much easier to get your makeup right. Overhead lighting in the bathroom is often a neglected issue and choosing the right type of light fitting and bulb is essential to make sure you look good in the bathroom.

With so many energy saving bulbs on the market, now may be a good time to invest in a new bathroom light fixture to ensure that your lighting is low energy and maximum efficiency. Make sure that the light fixture you choose will take the bulbs of your choice and can be fitted with a dimmer switch which gives you a much more flexible ambient lighting solution in the bathroom. Using a dimmer will give you absolute control over the lighting (and therefore the mood) of the room.

If you’re putting on makeup or cleaning the bathroom (or even bathing the kids), then you can have the lighting turned way up so that you can see what you’re doing properly. If you’re going for a relaxing bubble bath to wind down after a busy day, or preparing for a special night out, then turn down the lights to get you in the mood for love.


What you look like when you look in the bathroom mirror is determined to an extent by the colours of the surrounding walls. You’ll want to choose colours that flatter and show you at your best so that you’ll feel like a million dollars every time you check yourself out in the mirror. This means choosing colour tints or tones inspired by skin tones that will create a flattering backdrop that shows you at your best. Look for hues in the pink to peach to warm beige sector or soft tan colours. These colours will flatter anybody, no matter what skin colouring they have. This is why so many hair salons opt for pinky-peachy colours on the walls – they want their customers to look and feel good.

Greens and yellows are unflattering for many people, so these are colours to avoid in the bathroom. If you’re making a statement with your bathroom décor, then rich or dark colours may look great in the room itself, but may not show you off to your best advantage. If you wan to make the most of yourself as well as your bathroom, then soft pinks or peaches are the colours to choose.