How to make a small bathroom look bigger

How to make a small bathroom look bigger

Many of us are looking for tips and tricks on how to make a small bathroom look bigger. You may find that your small bathroom can feel intimate and cosy, but at times, it can also feel claustrophobic and cramped. Creating the illusions of space in your bathroom can be easy with a bit of visual magic - updating your colour scheme, adding lighting and decluttering are just a few ideas to make your bathroom feel bigger.

1. Use neutral colours with bold accents

Adopting a neutral, soft colour scheme is a stylish way to create a spacious feel in your bathroom. Neutral shades and colours with hues of white brighten compact spaces and help to bounce natural light throughout the room. Light, airy and open, these soft tones endorse a balance between uplifting and warming. To further incorporate identity into your bathroom, counteract the neutral decor with bold accents. Pair muted palettes with daring, bold-coloured accessories and decorative pieces to add contrast and interest to your space.

2. Clear the clutter into bathroom storage

Clutter can make any space cramped and reducing any excess can instantly make your room feel more spacious. Minimising furniture and condensing essentials to the bare minimum is worthwhile but not always practical. Bathroom cabinets are a notable alternative offering extra storage space for bathroom essentials - they also reduce the need for additional bathroom furniture, keeping your bathroom minimalist and clutter-free. A bathroom mirror cabinet is just one approach you can take to declutter your space - there are other storage solutions available.

3. Use illuminated mirrors to create the illusion of space

Mirrors are well known for expanding light, and lighting can be all you need to create an illusion of space in your bathroom. When natural light is limited, a well-positioned illuminated bathroom mirror ensures suitable light levels throughout the room. Slim profile mirrors also take up less space than traditional illuminated mirrors - making them ideal in smaller areas. The Nano is the world's slimmest LED mirror and features colour temperature-changing LEDs to expand and reflect light.

4. Replace your vanity with a pedestal or wall-mounted sink

Vanity units are ideal for storing an abundance of bathroom essentials, but they are often impractical in smaller bathrooms because of their size. If clutter isn't a problem in your bathroom, sacrifice the storage space and install a pedestal or wall-mounted sink as a decorative replacement. Wall-mounted sinks are modern, sophisticated, and an ideal replacement for vanity units, especially where the wall and floor space is limited. They're available in many different shapes, styles and finishes to suit your bathroom.

5. Create a focal point with a pattern

Investing in patterned floor or wall tiles is a clever and attractive strategy to create an illusion of space in your bathroom. The main intention of a patterned focal point is to draw attention and divert interest away from the size of the room - tricking your mind into thinking your bathroom is more extensive than in reality. Brightly coloured brick accent walls or intricately patterned floor tiles are an aesthetically pleasing and favoured design for smaller bathrooms.

6. Save space by installing recessed downlights

Natural or artificial, lighting is paramount in any space, and the bathroom is no different. Often the final piece to complete any renovation, lighting has an overwhelming effect on the overall look of your bathroom. Decorative ceiling lights are usually the primary source of lighting in the bathroom, but they're not always suitable for smaller spaces. Recessed downlights are an impressive alternative to hanging fixtures as they free up headspace in low-ceilinged rooms. These discreet fixtures reflect light throughout the room, expanding the look and feel.

7. Choose round or oval mirrors

Finding the right mirror shape for your bathroom can help to create the feeling of more space. Rectangular mirrors are not always the most popular silhouette for smaller bathrooms, especially in rooms with sloping ceilings. Oval and circular mirrors take up significantly less room and can easily fit into cramped spaces that would usually be redundant. These mirrors also reflect and expand light throughout while providing a contemporary touch.