Simple ways you can jazz up your bathroom

Simple ways you can jazz up your bathroom

When trying to redecorate a home on a tight budget, there are several quick hacks that can make all the difference, whilst also being easy and cost-effective. It might seem that redecorating is a costly and invasive job, but don't fear - we've come up with loads of simple ways you can jazz up your bathroom!

1. Update Towels

You wouldn't believe the difference a set of fresh towels can make to your bathroom! Set a colour scheme and look out for patterns and colours that match this.

2. Storage

Cost-effective storage is much easier to come by than you might think. Wire shower and bath baskets, as well as small chests of drawers and baskets can really tidy up your bathroom and give it a new lease of life.

3. Accessories

Jazzing your bathroom up by buying new accessories is a very quick bathroom hack. Replacing old tumblers and aging towel rails with a new matching set.

4. Flowers

Adding plant life or flowers can really create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. Add a touch of greenery to sides and window sills to brighten up dull bathrooms.

5. Pictures

Like any other part of the house, who says your bathroom can't have images, paintings and photographs adorning the walls? Make this your personal space.