The best bathroom mirror for shaving

The best bathroom mirror for shaving

The best mirror for shaving is one that will provide you with crisp and clear light output, and fantastic visibility. If you often find missed hairs after shaving, then investing in a good quality shaving mirror will take your shaving routine to the next level.

For the best shave, opt for after a hot shower or bath, a facial steamer, or if you don’t have time, simply a hot towel or flannel placed over the skin for 30 seconds to open the pores. Opening the pores will prepare the skin for the cleanest shave - stopping anything that will create friction, which may then go on to create ingrown hairs. Hot water is key here, as this will help soften the hairs and allow your razor to cut them evenly. It also helps remove any dead skin cells or dirt that may also thwart a super-close shave!

If you want to go from shower to shave in a matter of seconds, then a mirror with an in-built demister pad is a must. These practical mirrors gently heat the mirror surface when the lights are turned on, to ensure that when you step out of the bath or shower, you can see a clean reflection in an instant. This will allow you to shave quickly and neatly while your pores are still open, guaranteeing a longer lasting shave.

Tips for picking the best shaving mirror

Here we will explore the various options when it comes to shaving mirrors, to help you decide which mirror is right for you.

Safe to use in the bathroom

We know how important the small details are, and we make sure that our products are designed to give you an enhanced experience when using these products for yourself. A magnifying mirror can improve a shaving routine by helping to focus on a specific area of the face that may be hidden or difficult to see. Magnifying mirrors provide a 3x magnification, ensuring you achieve a clean, precise finish - every time.

All our mirrors with shaver sockets conform to British building standards and are fully IP44 rated, meaning they can be installed in the bathroom safely in Zone 2 or above. They feature isolating transformers, which means the shaver socket can be used without the illumination, if you so wish, but also means you can charge a toothbrush with the socket overnight without having to leave the lights on. The shaver sockets are elegantly concealed at the side of each mirror, meaning no additional wall space is needed for a separate shaver socket port.


If you’re looking for a solution to help you shave better, but also to hide your shaving tools and essentials in the bathroom, then a mirrored cabinet is a great option. There are options available if you’d like a shaver socket inside as well as outside of the cabinet, for ultimate flexibility (reword). This functionality can be ideal for giving your electric shaver a quick charge if its battery starts to run low while you’re shaving.

Good lighting

Other than a clear reflection, brilliant lighting is important in helping achieve a close shave. Our mirrors and cabinets are fitted with high quality LEDs, which output light at around 6000-6,400k kelvins (cool white). Our research has found that this light colour provides the strongest visibility for precision tasks like tweezing and shaving. Many of our mirrors are also fitted with ambient LEDs – these allow you to change the colour from a cool crisp white to a warm, candle-lit tone, depending on the task at hand – the warm light is great to switch to whilst having a relaxing bath.

Our favourite shaving mirrors

The Serena mirror

This 390x500mm mirror is a great option that won’t break the bank and will give you strong light output. It features LED strips on the front of the mirror in 6,000 kelvins - a cool daylight white tone. The shaver socket is located on the left-hand side of the mirror, so perfect if that’s the side that’s practical for you and your bathroom.

The Diaz mirror

The Diaz mirror is available in 5 different sizes, with an elegant shaver socket located on the right-hand side when mounted portrait in sizes up to 50x70cm, and when mounted landscape in the larger sizes. Please be aware of the shaver socket location if you plan to mount this mirror differently from the main images.

It features brilliant light output from the LEDs concealed within the transparent acrylic edge, to seamlessly illuminate you and your reflection, in a cooler 6,400 kelvins – not much different to the 6,000 of the Serena, but a slightly cooler tone, with a touch of blue.

The Belice mirror

Our shaver socket mirror with glass shelf, the Belice, is just like our firm customer favourite the Tannon, with an added shaver socket and removable shelf! You can remove the shelf and the shelf brackets easily for cleaning purposes.