The Best Mirror for your Makeup

The Best Mirror for your Makeup

Getting makeup right can come down to different factors. Aside from some style, flair and a steady hand, the mirror you use is key. From location, height and size to magnification and lighting, this blog looks at some of the key things to consider when finding the best bathroom mirror to apply your makeup.

Location and Mounting

The first thing to think about when finding a good makeup mirror is where in your bathroom you will place it, and whether or not it will be mounted to the wall. For instance, you could fit it above a wash basin or choose a free-standing mirror, ideal for placing on a vanity unit. When it comes to location, you should make sure the mirror is in a place that gives you the space to stand or sit and use it comfortably, while providing the right light – see lighting below. The location also determines the size of the mirror you need and the height it should be fitted.

Height and Size

The height of your mirror helps ensure that it’s comfortable to use and that you can remain steady on your feet when applying your makeup. It should be positioned so that you can apply without bending over, uncomfortably and unsteadily. As mentioned, you could find a mirror to stand on a vanity unit, but this would mean you’d also need some seating, like a stool. Instead, hanging the mirror at eye level can be a good option. It allows you to get close to the glass and keep a steady hand when applying your makeup, without crouching or twisting uncomfortably.


This can be crucial when it comes to applying makeup. Even people with the best vision can benefit from a mirror with good magnification. A magnifying mirror with convex glass magnifies all the areas of your face that you’ll need to focus on, which you might otherwise miss. This allows for good applications helping you get close up to the glass for the best reflection to apply your makeup with the best results.


Another key factor is lighting. You need to have the right lighting to see what you’re doing, without the obstruction of shade and shadow. Lighting in a mirror can create shadows, which can make it difficult for you to see the true shades and blends of colours that you’re creating when applying your makeup. To help counteract these shadows, it’s a good idea to make sure there is more than one light source available. Daylight can be good for this, but not everyone has sufficient access to this in a bathroom. Alternatively, a range of lighting can help, such as a mixture of wall and ceiling lighting. An illuminated mirror, which has lights fitted alongside the glass, is also a good option. It can help get rid of those unwanted shadows to reflect your complexion clearly, so you can apply makeup colours and shades accurately.

Mirrors for your Makeup

At Pebble Grey, we provide a selection of stylish illuminated mirrors that can be ideal for applying makeup. We also offer a series of magnifying vanity mirrors, perfect for applying those finer, stylish or subtle details with the best results. To look at the range of bathroom mirrors we offer, please visit our Bathroom Mirrors page.